Ukraine REU

Application deadline for Summer 2017 is January 31, 2017

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Brief Overview of the Ukraine Project

The country of Ukraine is a geographically diverse country which has bridged Eastern Europe and Russia throughout its long, turbulent history. Tensions between and among ethnic Ukrainians, Russians, and a large mix of other minority groups is at the root of current skirmishes in eastern Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula. As part of this REU site, undergraduate students will be actively and meaningfully involved in an ongoing research project exploring the mental health of Ukrainian citizens based on a comprehensive, population-based survey of nearly 5,000 Ukrainian citizens, as well as additional, ongoing representative samples taken by our collaborators at the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS; a national sociological research firm in Ukraine).

This REU site will involve:

  • A two-week long international, onsite (in Ukraine) component to develop and maintain a working collaboration with the staff of KIIS, as well as to increase the cultural, political, and social awareness of the undergraduate students, which can have a large impact on the conceptualization and understanding of mental health,
  • Undergraduate students working closely alongside students with different disciplinary expertise (e.g., psychology and statistics) to participate in all aspects of the research process (e.g., develop research questions, carry-out related literature review and iterative data analysis and disseminate research findings), while under the close mentorship of an interdisciplinary team of well-qualified, faculty undergraduate research mentors for eight-weeks in the United States.

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National Science Foundation: Grant # NSF-SMI-1560078