Summer 2016 Seminars

How can we be hospitably Reformed in 2016: The ethnology of the contemporary Reformed world.
Howard Wilson

How I Funded my Research/Project
Discussion Panel (Darren Stoub, Kayt Frisch, Luke Hawley, Tom Clark)

The Mind and the Machine: What it Means to be Human and Why it Matters
Discussion Panel

Online Courses for College Advancement
Dave Mulder

USDA Sting Operation at Dordt
Duane Bajema

The Influence of Richard Wagner’s Music in C. S. Lewis’s Friendships and Writings
John MacInnis

Where are Dordt's Class of 2015 Graduates Now?
Sarah Moss and Brandon Huisman

Augustine's Confessions at Dordt College: A Faculty Discussion
Josh Matthews and Walker Cosgrove

Updates from the Hulst Library
Jenni Breems

Dordt College Strategic Plan
Leah Zuidema

Aliens? The Curious Case of KIC 8462852
Channon Visscher

Summer Institutional Research Update
Val Zonnefeld and Jim Bos

Developing a Biomechanics Laboratory
Jordan Severson (mentored by Kayt Frisch)

Fully Utilizing a GPU-based Cluster to Support Computational Research
Jeremy Klyn (mentored by Nick Breems)

Preparing for the Nuclear Option: How can Christian Colleges Plan to Survive the Loss of Tax-Exempt Status?
Matthew Ojo (mentored by Donald Roth)

Operative Metaphor and Exegesis
Justin Vos (mentored by Donald Roth)

Perseverance: Psycho-spiritual and Genetic Perspectives
Bruce Vermeer and Tony Jelsma

Engineering Consulting Externship with Vander Haag's, Inc.
Jonathan Attema (mentored by Justin Vander Werff)

Investigation into Seismic Acceleration Effects on Bridges
Laura Beridon (mentored by Justin Vander Werff)

Supreme Court Term in Review
Donald Roth

A Culturally Sensitive Model for Inclusive Education
Gala Campos Oaxaca (mentored by Kathleen VanTol)

Characterizing the Subcellular Localization of and Interaction of Myosin5a and Pacsin3
Leah Breon, John Davelaar, and Maddie Vande Kamp (mentored by Robbin Eppinga)

Dante in Science Fiction – Dante as Science Fiction
Jonathan Janssen (mentored by Josh Matthews)

From the Road: Alumni Chapters and Stories
Brandon Huisman

Histological Studies of a Mouse Model for the Neurodegenerative Disease Batten Disease
Chibundo Onyia (mentored by Tony Jelsma)

This Means War!: Why Contemporary Christian Musicians Turned from World Peace to Spiritual Warfare
Scott Culpepper, Presenter

Developing Tools to Facilitate Challenging Discussions: Biological Evolution and Earth History in the Christian Classroom
Robbin Eppinga and Channon Visscher, Presenters

Identity of Christian Education in the Mission Fields
Jay Shim, Presenter

Where is the Dordt College Class of 2014 Now?
Sarah Moss, Missy Mulder, and Brandon Huisman, Presenters

Into the Acronymic World of Second Language Acquisition
Sanneke Kok, Presenter

Girls Volleyball Shoulder Injury Prevalence in Northwest Iowa High School Players
Chad Hansen, Kayt Frisch, Adam Conway, Chris Fagerness, and Lindsay Hoogendoorn, Presenters

First Generation Students: Overcoming Obstacles
Jim Bos, Val Zonnefeld, Derek De Vries and Lucas Vander Berg, Presenters

Research in Iowa Core Curriculum: Economics & Financial Literacy
Thomas Beck, Presenter (Erica Vonk and Ed Starkenburg, Faculty Research Mentors)

Application Virtualization
Brian Van Donselaar, Jaris Visscher, and Doug Tinklenberg, Presenters

Bringing Global Issues to Campus: Raising Awareness about Hunger in Academic Year 2015-16
Nathan Tintle

Global Agriculture Summit 2016: Opportunities for Dordt College
Dick Joerger, Presenter

The Chernobyl Project: A Radically Radioactive Review
Matthew Bolt, Presenter (Luralyn Helming, Faculty Research Mentor)

Chemistry of the Forming Moon
Travis Van Roekel, Presenter (Channon Visscher, Faculty Research Mentor)

What Role Does Mindset Play in Student Attitudes and Achievement
Val Zonnefeld, Presenter

Contemporary Applications of Neoplatonic Frameworks
Jenna Arkema and Bryce De Zwart, Presenters (John MacInnis, Faculty Research Mentor)

Glyphosate Resistance in Soil Bacteria from Northwest Iowa
Hannah Van Maanen and Seth Steenwyk, Presenters (Jeff Ploegstra, Faculty Research Mentor)

Viscous Fluid Motion in a Horizontally Rotating Cylinder
Kolter Bradshaw and Zach Van Engen, Presenters (John Zwart, Faculty Research Mentor)

Bioinformatic and In-vitro Experimentation to Identify Genes Associated with Perenniality in Intermediate Wheat Grass
Mark Huitsing and Nathan Ryder, Presenters (Nathan Tintle, Faculty Research Mentor)

Results from a Genome-wide Association Study of Red-blood Cell Fatty Acids in the Framingham Heart Study
Kristin Koch, Katie McKenzie, Jacob O'Bott, and Jason Westra, Presenters (Nathan Tintle, Faculty Research Mentor)

Waste-to-energy Research
Ben De Vries and Ryan Christensen, Presenters (Ethan Brue, Faculty Research Mentor)

A Bayesian Approach to Inferring Gene Activity States from Gene Expression Data
Brian Greco, Gino Lerebours, Kristin Koch, and Craig Disselkoen, Presenters (Nathan Tintle, Faculty Research Mentor)

A Novel Approach to Integrate Gene Expression Data into Metabolic Models for Flux Balance Analysis
Mac Edmondson, Claire Smith, and Craig Disselkoen, Presenters (Nathan Tintle, Faculty Research Mentor)

Identifying Proteins that Interact with Neuronal Myosin 5
David vanBeek and Tairin Van Tol, Presenters (Robbin Eppinga, Faculty Research Mentor)

Financial Benchmarks
Jim Bos, Val Zonnefeld, Derek De Vries, and Lucas Vander Berg, Presenters

Local Industry Partnership: Sharing Structural Engineering Expertise and Experience
Vanoy Harris, Presenter (Joel Sikkema and Justin Vander Werff, Faculty Research Mentors)

Using Computer Simulation to Investigate Seismic Vertical Acceleration
Juan Benitez Gonzalez, Presenter (Justin Vander Werff, Faculty Research Mentor)

Computational Science: What Can it Do for Me?
Nick Breems, Presenter

Dante's Comedy and the Reformed Tradition
Joshua Matthews, Walker Cosgrove, Bob De Smith, Mary Dengler, and Mark Tazelaar, Panel Members

Fulbright Scholarship Funding Opportunities
Mark McCarthy

Dordt Research and Scholarship Funding Opportunities
Nathan Tintle