Summer 2014 Seminars

Critical Thinking and High-level Discourse: Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development in a 1:1 Environment
Ryan and Val Zonnefeld

Understanding Commotio Cordis and the Effects of Chest Protectors
John Van Weelden (Kayt Frisch)

Get LinkedIn: Why and How to Use this Networking Tool
Sarah Moss

Aging in the Workplace: A look at the benefit of using our experienced population to mentor and train those who think they already know everything
Tony Jelsma

Heresy and Crusade and Inquisition, Oh My!: Rethinking Medieval Heresy, Religion, and What it Means to be a Heretic
Walker Cosgrove

Student Research
Tim Martin (John Zwart)

How did the Moon Form?
Channon Visscher

Creating Active Laboratory Learning Experiences for First-year Chemistry Students
Aziel Brito and Hannah Van Maanen (Carl Fictorie)

The Complexities of Constructing Cities on Hills: A Kuyperian Critique of a Puritan Ideal
Scott Culpepper

Characterizing Mechanisms of Cancer Metastasis
Brandon Vander Stoep, Nate Gerdes, and Robbin Eppinga

Identifying Proteins that Interact with Neuronal Motor Protein Myosin Va
Shannon Vander Berg and Robbin Eppinga

Student Research
Mariellen Hofland and Anya Kalsbeek (Tony Jelsma)

Creating a Low-Cost Gait Analysis Laboratory at Dordt College
Juan Benitez and Adam Van Hal (Kayt Frisch)

Faculty Research
Robbin Eppinga and Jeff Ploegstra

An Experiment in (Music) Criticism: On the Reading of Musical Texts (Presentation to Include Live Music)
John MacInnis

Memoir: Literary "Selfie"?
Howard Schaap

SCOTUS 2013 in Review: Hot Button Issues
Donald Roth

Dashboard Treasure Hunt
Jim Bos and Val Zonnefeld

A Call to Service: A Quantitative and Qualitative Look at Students' Decision to Pursue Social Work
Erin Olson

Structural Analysis of Dry Storage Hopper Cones
Peter Hoelsema

Accelerated Bridge Construction for Seismic Regions
Justin Vander Werff