Summer 2013 Seminars

What is this thing we call education?
John Zwart

Wouldn't You Like Some History with That?
Cal Jongsma

Kjøttkaker: The case for and against using bad language in religious education
Ethan Brue

Staff Satisfaction, Dashboards, and Backchannels
Val Zonnefeld, Sue Droog, and Jim Bos

'Beemageddon' threatens US with food disaster
Duane Bajema

Summer Research on Gaussia Luciferase
Crystal Elenbaas (Darren Stoub)

Results of the Android Workshop
Kari Sandouka

Understanding Inflammation by Determining Integrin Signaling Interactions
Collin Korver and Christy Sikkema (Darren Stoub)

Nitrates in Sioux Center Drinking Water-How Much and Why?
Rob De Haan

Using Recombinant Protein Technology to Investigate Inflammation
Caleb Boehler (Darren Stoub)

Continuous Improvement Initiatives at Dordt College
Kari Sandouka and Dale Zevenbergen

Using design hierarchy in digital logic to illustrate the scientific method as a human invention
Douglas De Boer

Supreme Court wrap-up discussion
Donald Roth

What is the faculty?
Neal DeRoo and Mark Tazelaar

The Power of Marketing. Why you NEED that sports drink, but what has it done?
Mary De Young

Ninth-Century Music Theory in Context
John MacInnis

Quantifying Breathing Mechanics Using Lower Radiation Doses
Andrew De Haan (Kayt Frisch)

The Effects of Impact Mechanics and Chest Protectors on Commotio Cordis
Rebecca Megchelsen (Kayt Frisch)

Cux1 in the brain: developing a yeast two-hybrid assay to identify proteins that interact with Cux1 in neural tissue
Brandon Wubben (Tony Jelsma)

Historic distribution of Massasauga rattlesnakes in Missouri
Katie Tazelaar (James Mahaffy)

Investigating Proteases involved in Cancer Metastasis
Sam De Nooy and Kim Buyert (Robbin Eppinga)

Vice President of Enrollment Management
Howard Wilson

"Huh? They're All Where?!?"-A Christian Critique of LOST and Its Otherworldly Ending
Josh Matthews