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Honeymead. In the mid 1960s they sold their business and chartered the National City Bank of Minneapolis. A few years later they were offered the opportunity to invest in and provide management for the Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM). Lowell later became president, and continued to serve ADM as director emeritus after his retirement in 1973. \par} {\pard\sa220\li0\ri0\ql\plain Lowell and his late wife, Nadine, had two children, Pamela (who preceded him in death) and David, along with five grandchildren and\~seven great\_grandchildren. \par} {\pard\sa220\li0\ri0\ql\plain Both Lowell and a brother, Glenn, were steadfast Christians who contributed to the revival of the Reformed, or Calvinist, vision of the faith, founded during the Protestant Reformation under the leadership of John Calvin. Connections between the Andreas brothers and Dordt College personnel evolved over the years as they met and worked to support reformed Christian educational institutions. \par} {\pard\sa220\li0\ri0\ql\plain Lowell and his wife donated many millions of dollars to a variety of groups over the years, including Westminster Seminary, Covenant College, Minnesota State University, Immanuel St. Joseph\_Mayo Health System, and local charities and foundations. \line \par} {\pard\sa220\li0\ri0\ql\plain Dordt College, Sioux Center, Iowa, received nearly four million dollars from the estate of former Archer Daniels Midland president Lowell Andreas, who died April 4, 2009,\~at the age of 87. \par} {\pard\sa220\li0\ri0\ql\plain Andreas \par} {\pard\sa220\li0\ri0\ql\plain The Andreas gift is the largest in the college\uc1\u8217?s history according to John Baas, Vice President for College Advancement. He noted, \uc1\u8220?The impact of a multi\_million dollar contribution goes far beyond the bottom line. This bequest is a tremendous encouragement to all of us at Dordt College and also to those whom we serve.\uc1\u8221? \par} {\pard\sa220\li0\ri0\ql\plain In announcing the gift to the college
community, President Dr. Carl E. Zylstra remarked, \uc1\u8220?Lowell Andreas helped grow Archer Daniels Midland into an international leader in the processing of agricultural products. This generous gift from his estate will help grow Dordt College as an international leader in the field of Reformed Christian education.\uc1\u8221? \par} {\pard\sa220\li0\ri0\ql\plain Andreas never visited Dordt\uc1\u8217?s campus, but had followed the growth of the college and offered support along the way. In recent years Andreas had already donated more than half a\~million dollars to Dordt College, funds which established the Andreas Center for Reformed Scholarship and Service in 2008. \par} {\pard\sa220\li0\ri0\ql\plain The Andreas Center helps Dordt students, faculty, and staff become globally engaged in scholarship and service.\~The center provides both funds and administrative support to projects that extend Reformed scholarship and service to the larger world. \par} {\pard\sa220\li0\ri0\ql\plain The Andreas Center is currently providing funding for several international projects including: \par} {\pard\sa220\li440\ri0\ql\plain \fi-99 \'95 A documentary film by digital media professor Mark Volkers and students that chronicles the lives of slum dwellers in Guatemala, the Philippines, and Kenya; \par} {\pard\sa220\li440\ri0\ql\plain \fi-99 \'95 A Christian agriculture education program for students and farmers in Zambia, Africa; and \par} {\pard\sa220\li440\ri0\ql\plain \fi-99 \'95 \'46unding for Dordt professors to lecture internationally. \par} {\pard\sa220\li0\ri0\ql\plain According to Dr. Zylstra, the new $3.98 million gift from the Andreas Estate will help move Dordt\uc1\u8217?s Reformed perspective in Christian education beyond the campus\uc1\u8217?s physical boundaries. \par} {\pard\sa220\li0\ri0\ql\plain \uc1\u8220?The remarkable generosity of Lowell Andreas is an affirmation that the reach of Dordt College extends and resonates far beyond our local community, our
traditional base of support, and even our national borders,\uc1\u8221? said Zylstra. \uc1\u8220?Our global vision as a Reformed, Christian college is what captured the imagination of Lowell, and his estate gift will further our efforts to broaden Dordt\uc1\u8217?s service, learning, and presence in the world. \line \par} }