Hannah Connelly

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North Sioux City, South Dakota

Scholarships I received

  • Women's Volleyball Athletic Scholarship
  • Presidential Scholarship

Favorite Spot on Campus

The De Witt Gym

favorite class 


A concept that Blew my mind

Our calling on Earth is so much more about community than we think. Surrounding ourselves with good people who shape us and challenge us is what will grow us the most. It is a true reflection of the way that Jesus lived his life. Dordt emphasizes this aspect of life and allows for so many opportunities to grow in this way.

Cool Things I did at Dordt

Before I even started class at Dordt, the volleyball team took a trip to California. It was such a fun way to get introduced into the Dordt family. I immediately got to know my teammates, coaching staff, and even alumni while on the trip. During spring of my senior year, I also did a virtual accounting internship with Ernst & Young, and I was introduced to the opportunity from a Dordt alumnus who went out of his way to make this opportunity possible. I have found that anyone who gets involved with Dordt becomes extremely passionate about it, and wants you to then experience the greatness of it, too. As I am wrapping up my senior year, I completely have the same feeling, and I can't wait to share my experiences and create the same opportunity for other students.

Obstacles I've Overcome

Dordt brought me into an atmosphere where I faced a lot of adversity for the first time in my life. I was challenged in new ways academically, spiritually, emotionally, within athletics, and within relationships around me. Through every trial, I learned to lean on Jesus through it all. I experienced the 'peace that surpasses all understanding' that is promised to us in Philippians during experiences that were not supposed to be peaceful, yet Christ comforted me and shaped me in incredible ways.

Who I was when I came to Dordt

I was so excited to start a new adventure! I first came to play volleyball, and it was an amazing introduction to the Dordt community. I quickly adapted to the new atmosphere and met SO many amazing, lifelong friends right away. Coming in with an open mindset to start fresh was so key for me!

How Dordt Impacted Me

I am so much more relationally-focused. My friends that I have met at Dordt have shaped me and challenged me in so many incredible ways. I shape my life around enjoying the people around me because it truly brings joy to our lives, just as God has promised for us. His promises stand true when we are faithful to him! I am so thankful for Dordt implementing and challenging us to bring God into every area of our lives. No matter our profession, letting God in gives us so much joy and purpose. Dordt goes above and beyond finding ways to let God in all areas of life. During my four years, I saw God work through sports, friendships, and even my professional work in the finance and accounting world!

Where I am now

I recently accepted a full-time accounting position with Ernst & Young in their Minneapolis office! I will be starting there in the fall of 2021. This summer, I will be studying for the CPA exam and enjoying my last moments with family and friends before I move away to start my career.

What I would tell prospective students

Be open to going out of your comfort zone to meet new and different types of people. Go to different events that Dordt offers! Explore different crowds and be intentional about getting to know people and asking good questions.

How Dordt Helped me do more

Dordt has a strong emphasis in every profession to find ways to do kingdom work. In all my accounting and finance classes, we were encouraged to think of ways our work somehow impacts God's kingdom around us. With any job, we can choose to do it with a servant heart, finding ways to help people and share the love and hope that Christ has given us.