Siennah Stamness

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Rochester, Minnesota

Favorite spot on campus

Jacob's Ladder

Scholarships I received

  • Women's Basketball Scholarship
  • Presidential Athletic Scholarship
  • Martin Seven HHP Scholarship

favorite class

Abnormal Psychology

Cool things I did at Dordt

I have been blessed to be able to be a part of the women's basketball team, which has given me so many great memories. My favorite memory would be going to the national tournament for the first time ever in program history in 2019. I have also enjoyed many of the "typical Dordt activities" like going to Blue Bunny to get ice-cream, going on a donut run Friday nights at midnight, playing Spikeball, or taking a trip to Sioux City or Sioux Falls with friends.

Obstacles I’ve overcome

My first obstacle I had to overcome at Dordt was dealing with being a little bit homesick. I did not know anyone when I first came to Dordt, so I was very nervous. Yet, there were so many people who welcomed me in and made me feel comfortable. Another obstacle would be tearing both of my ACLs during my time here at Dordt. I was able to overcome this with the help of many people at Dordt and in the broader community. Some other challenges would include getting into graduate school for physical therapy. That is a long process, but with the help of my advisers, some upperclassmen, and some friends, I was able to achieve my goal.

Who I was when I came to Dordt

I went to a public school my whole life, so when my professor opened with prayer in my first class of college, I was a little taken back. When I first came to Dordt I was excited about the opportunity to grow spiritually, while being able to pursue the degree I wanted.

How Dordt impacted me

Dordt has impacted me greatly. Since coming to Dordt, I have become much more confident in who I am. I think this comes with a better understanding of my identity in Christ. Dordt has given me many opportunities to grow spiritually. I am challenged to continue growing, in the classroom, on the court, and while interacting with others, all while trying to glorify God in what I do.

Where I am now

Next year I will be attending Des Moines University. I will be pursuing a graduate degree in physical therapy.

What I would tell prospective students

Dordt is a very special place. It is a smaller campus, which allows for deeper and more meaningful relationships. Since coming to Dordt, I have been challenged in every aspect of my life to continue growing. Through these challenges I have been supported the whole way. Dordt also has very strong community support. Even if you are far away from home, you can find a family here.

How Dordt has helped me Do More

Dordt has provided me with many opportunities. When applying to graduate school, I was in need of many observation hours. My adviser was very helpful in this, connecting me with others in the community, and allowing me to fulfill these requirements. Dordt has also hosted events inviting those from the community, which allowed me to get connected with many people. From this, I was able to find places I was passionate about volunteering at. Dordt also has a "good name." When people saw I attended Dordt as I applied for jobs, graduate schools, and internships, I had a leg up on the competition. I think this is due to the fact that Dordt makes it their mission to ensure their students are ready for life beyond graduation.