Chloe Hansum

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Denver, Colorado

Scholarships I received

  • JJR Leadership Scholarship
  • Dordt Presidential Scholarship
  • John J. & Shirley A. Kosters Scholarship
  • Vander Haag Study Abroad Scholarship

Favorite spot on campus

Upper level of the Science Building by the big windows

Favorite Class

Wildlife Ecology and Stewardship

A Concept that Blew My Mind

Learning that the science that I do, whether that is looking through a microscope at plant cells or researching forest composition, is worship and a form of praise to God.

Cool things I did at Dordt

I've been involved in leading the science and faith club, exploring how science and religion don't have to be in conflict with one another. I also studied abroad in New Zealand where I assisted in dolphin research. Additionally, I interned at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. I have also been a TA for the Biology and Environmental Science departments for three and a half years at Dordt.

Obstacles I’ve overcome

I realized that I am capable of pursuing dreams and goals that others may think are "too hard." I am not limited by taking easy career paths, but I am capable of challenging myself in my career choices.

Who I was when I came to Dordt

When I first arrived at Dordt, I was so excited to meet new people, be in a new place, and have new experiences. This set me up to grow immensely in my academic, personal, and spiritual life.

How Dordt Impacted me

My experience at Dordt has greatly impacted who I am. As a scientist, I have developed skills and abilities to think critically about the world around me and learn how my faith fits with my career as a scientist. Professors have invested a lot not only in my growth in academics, but also my faith journey and developing as a Christian and an ecologist. I've grown to think differently about the world around me, valuing others’ ideas, perspectives, and experiences.

Where I am now

I hope to pursue a career in researching ecosystems and the impacts of climate change. I hope to attend graduate school at some point in the near future.

What i would tell prospective students

Dordt is a place that values a holistic perspective for students, faculty, and staff. Other students care not only about your academics, but also your personal and spiritual growth. This sets you up to thrive as a whole person and allows for a strong sense of community.

How Dordt helped me Do More

Dordt has prepared me well for internship opportunities that people may think only students from big schools are capable of. I feel well-prepared going into the field of science to address issues that Christians should care about and need a voice for in the conversation. Dordt has cultivated a love for learning within me, not only in my field of interest (biology), but in other areas (theology, literature, and poetry) that help me to see the world from a holistic perspective.