Elyse Tavary

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Hutchinson, Minnesota

Favorite Class

Vulnerable Populations

Concept that Blew My Mind

The concentration on generally loving your neighbor fully. Not seeing people for their problems but seeing them as whole and their problems as an extension of a broken world. To learn from and to love our marginalized neighbor instead of thinking we have a duty to save them.

Obstacles I’ve overcome

I dealt with some mental health concerns in college yet still graduated in four years, with a double major and two semesters abroad. A lot of that is due to the personal relationships I made with faculty and their ability to work with me and help me along the way. I couldn’t have made it happen without the support of the Dordt community.

Who I was when I came to Dordt 

Timid to some extent, afraid of the unknown but excited to learn more. I didn’t realize how little I knew and how much I could gain.

How Dordt Impacted me 

My experiences at Dordt gave me the confidence, experience, and knowledge to be better prepared for my job now, and created a system of support that I know I can reach out to whenever.

Where I am now

I am currently in Raleigh, North Carolina, working at a psychiatric hospital with girls 12 to 17. I am so thankful for the experiences I had at Dordt and the things I learned because they are still impacting my life today. I actually live with three friends I met at Dordt. I am hoping to go back to graduate school soon and get my Master of Social Work to become a therapist.

What would you tell prospective students

Community is an over-used term at Dordt, but only because it is such a real thing. Use it. Lean in, even when it feels uncomfortable.

How Dordt has let me Do more

I can be more effective as a professional and person, allowing me to “Do More.”