Angelica Linabary

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Manhattan, Montana


The Rec Center, the athletic weight room


Nursing class-NURS 390 (Professional Practice Development), CORE 200

NURS390 is a capstone class that teaches how faith can be integrated into practice. It teaches the development of thinking around being a nurse and what that means and is just an introduction into the world of nursing.


I know is a bit cliché to say, but Dordt’s community is a concept that I truly got to experience and learn about while being here. I had attended two colleges before coming to Dordt and for the first time in my college experience, I felt that the friends I had made within my first year here would be forever friends. To this day I still talk to many of the friends I made here, even the ones that graduated a couple of years ago. It blew my mind because I was one of those high school students who fought against attending Dordt because "everyone goes to Dordt" but there is a reason why so many of the people I knew from home attended Dordt. I thought the whole community thing was just a cliché, but it has held true for me.

An example where I experienced community was when a person in my community in Montana passed away unexpectedly. Dordt came together to find a way for me and other students who were affected by this tragedy to go home for the funeral. This individual had gone to Dordt and when he passed away, his college golf coach (Mark Christians) and the president and his wife all flew to the funeral with us. His college friends and roommates were also at the funeral. I honestly don't know too many colleges that would do this for their students. He had been graduated for over 10 years and the community of Dordt came together to celebrate his life. This was truly something amazing.


One of the cool things that I had an opportunity to do at Dordt was joining the track and field team. This allowed me to be part of a team that I did not think was possible after high school. I am not the fastest runner, but I made some lifelong friends by being part of a team. It also challenged me to be a better athlete and teammate. Another cool thing that I got to experience at Dordt was many translating opportunities. I love using my ability to speak both Spanish and English and I was able to use my ability to help families in the community.


The first obstacle I have overcome, was the idea that I could never afford to attend a private college. Especially with a lack of support from parents. Dordt provided me with plenty of financial aid, to the point where I no longer view finances as an obstacle to attending a private college.

Another obstacle I have overcome while being at Dordt, was making friends. I tend to be somewhat of an introvert in new situations and being a transfer and older student at Dordt was something I could consider to be an obstacle when it came to making friends. I have been able to make friends and create lifelong relationships.


Throughout my last three years at Dordt, I have been challenged in ways I never thought I would be challenged—both academically and spiritually. By being challenged I have become an individual who is okay with not being the best, trusting that God will carry me through the challenges that I may face not only at school but also in life. I have always hated asking for help, but being here has allowed me to be okay with asking for help not only from God but also from the people around me.


I plan to do some farming and continue working as a nurse back in my home state of Montana, combining both of my passions.


Nothing is impossible when it comes to God. Don't let the fear that you can't afford Dordt or that is it too far away, or really any excuse you may find yourselves using be a reason you say no. Where there is a will there is a way. God is greater than our fears and if it is his will for you to be here he will open the doors necessary to make it possible.

The second thing, is that this is a place where if you let God work, he will challenge you and create growth, but this is not something you will do alone. He will place people in your life here at Dordt to help you through it. He will create a community here, a community you can lean on as you are challenged and growing.


Dordt has given a space where I can use my love for helping others and being bilingual to not only serve other students but also to help those around the community who have needs but don't speak English. This has allowed for me to Do More and put the needs of others first, decreasing a barrier that is often found among those who can't communicate due to a language.