Daniel Poel

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Orange City, Iowa

Scholarships I Received

  • Athletic Scholarship
  • Bomgaars Scholarship

Favorite Spot On Campus

The weight room

Favorite Class

Exercise Physiology, and Physics

Cool Things I Did At Dordt

I was one of the first football players to set foot on campus and assisted in building Dordt's football program.

Obstacles I've Overcome

For the majority of my academic career, my biggest obstacle was laziness and a general lack of motivation. At Dordt I quickly realized I could no longer do the minimum and expect to succeed. I spent a lot of time questioning whether I was pursuing the right career. In addition, the summer between my junior and senior year my mother passed away unexpectedly and I became completely and utterly lost. My class attendance hit a 4-year low, and so did my GPA. After graduation, I bounced around between various jobs and eventually found a job in corporate wellness. At the same time, I discovered a group of Sports Scientists who allowed me to shadow them. This helped me refocus on what I wanted and make the difficult decision to return to Dordt for a fifth year to raise my GPA so I could apply to graduate school. The professors at Dordt were willing to make sure I succeeded and six months later, I was attending graduate school. Now, I've graduated with honors and hold a Master's Degree in Kinesiology and have a position with the very same group of researchers I shadowed.

Who I Was When I Came To Dordt

I was just a kid who had a lot of growing up to do and was excited to finally be out on his own and away from the ever-watchful eye of his parents.

How Dordt Impacted Me

Everything molded me while I was at Dordt, not just the coursework, but the athletic events, the students, and the activities that took place outside of the classroom. I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to attend classes where faith was talked about openly and I knew that my classmates believed in the same God as me. I also believe I, as well as all Dordt students, benefited from the small class sizes and the engaging faculty who genuinely want their students to succeed, as was made abundantly obvious to me during my fifth year at Dordt.

Where I Am Now

I work at the Sanford sports Science Institute as a research coordinator. I write research proposals, recruit research subjects, collect and analyze data, and publish what we find. The main focus ofthe research projects I am involved in are athletic concussions and general athletic performance.

How Dordt Helped Me Do More

Through my education at Dordt I was able to learn the skills I needed to succeed in work and life. While it is not always clear in the moment, I am constantly amazed at how I am able to draw upon what I learned at Dordt to help me in a variety of situations, whether it is with my wife and son, at work, or just doing normal everyday activities. I know that the 5 years I spent studying at Dordt has, in part, molded me into the man I am today, and has enabled me to reach a level in my career that is highly sought after.