Defender Golf Winter Lessons

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  • Lessons in the Brian Eekhoff Golf Facility will be conducted from October to April.
  • Lesson dates and times are based upon facility availability and will be scheduled by request. 


  • Brian Eekhoff Golf Facility located in the Rec on the Dordt University Campus

Cost: $100 for 1-hour

About The Brian Eekhoff Golf Facility:

The Brian Eekhoff Golf Facility is a state of the art indoor training facility utilized by the Dordt University Men’s and Women’s Golf Teams. The facility features a player’s lounge and study area, two hitting bays equipped with Flight Scope X3 Launch Monitors, V1 Digital Coaching Software for Video Lessons, and a 20’ x 30’ putting and chipping green for short game work.,

About The Lesson:

Golf Swing Instruction will be conducted by a member of the PGA Professional Coaching Staff. Each lesson will include short game instruction and full swing instruction using V1 Digital Coaching Software and Flight Scope X3 Launch Monitor data. Swing Instruction will be specific to the student’s swing characteristics and goals.

Please Bring:

Students should bring their golf clubs (entire set) and wear tennis shoes. Golf shoes are not required and are not the best choice for use on artificial turf.


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