Men's Varsity Golf @ NorDor Cup

2nd of 2

NorDor Cup

9:00 AM - Tuesday, April 26, 2016
Orange City, Iowa/ Sioux Center, Iowa
Non-conference Match


Dordt and Northwestern played their annual match play competition on Tuesday, April 26.  Northwestern led 7.5-.5 after the morning play and rebounded to split the play in the afternoon at The Ridge.

Morning Matches at Landsmeer

Andrew Minor/Luke Meyer (NWC) def   Zach Dykstra/Danny Mooers (Dordt) 2 and 1 in 4 ball format

Zach Dykstra/Danny Mooers (Dordt)  All-Square vs Minor/Meyer (NWC) in Alternate shot format (1/2 pt – 1-2 pt)

Zach Riddle/Austin Reitz (NWC) def Drake Wrather/Matt Moen (Dordt) 4 and 3 in 4-ball format.

Riddle/Reitz (NWC)  def Wrather/Moen (Dordt) 2 and 1 in Alternate shot format.      

Ryan Christy/Evan Schuler (NWC) def  Will Mulder/Kyle Colyn (Dordt) 3 and 2 in 4-ball format.

Christy/Schuler (NWC)  def Mulder/Colyn (Dordt) 3 and 2 in Alternate shot format.

Justin Kraft/Colton Kooima (NWC) def Tony Kallevig/Micah Roos (Dordt) 3 and 2 in 4-ball format.

Kraft/Kooima (NWC) def Kallevig/Roos (Dordt) 2 and 1 in Alternate shot format.

Morning total = NWC 7 ½ - Dordt ½ pt


Singles Matches (The Ridge)

Christian Manes (Dordt) def Luke Meyer (NWC) 3 and 1

Matt Moen (Dordt) def Andrew Minor (NWC) 1 up                                          

Austin Reitz (NWC)  def  Drake Wrather (Dordt) 3 and 2

Will Mulder (Dordt) def Zach Riddle 5 and 4

 Kyle Colyn (Dordt) def Evan Schuler (NWC) 1 up

Ryan Christy (NWC) def  Micah Roos (Dordt) 3 and 2

Colton Kooima  (NWC) def  Jay Timmer (Dordt) 2 and 1      

Justin Kraft  (NWC) finishes All-Square vs.  Tony Kallevig (Dordt)  (1/2 pt – 1/2 pt.)


 Final Score = Northwestern 11 points, Dordt 5 points.