Women's Varsity Track and Field @ Sioux City Relays

Sioux City Relays

All Day - Saturday, April 16, 2016
Sioux City, Iowa
Non-conference Match


The Dordt College Women's track team closed out the second day of the Sioux City relays with 12 top ten performances on the day. Dordt had a strong showing in the relay events with a second place finishes in the 4x800, 4x200, and 4x400M races. Justine Van Zee led a trio of Defender top ten finished in the 1500M run with her fourth place finish in a time of 4:44.54, followed by Nicole Slater in fifth place, and Kelsey Lewis in 8th.

Day 2 Results:

Women's 4x800M Relay

2. Dordt  'A'   - 10:05.67 

     Annacheina Knevelbaard       Erika Douma   

     Kim Kroeze                            Brianna Enerson


Women's 3000M Steeplechase

4. Kayla Byl - 11:29.12

7. Audrey Brooks - 12:00.77


Women's 4x200M Relay

2. Dordt  'A' - 1:45.45   

    Jenna Wilgenburg         Elizabeth Rankin FR    

    Joscelyn Wind               Marisa Broersma SR


Women's 1500M Run

2. Justine Van Zee -  4:44.54

5. Nicole Slater - 4:51.89

8. Kelsey Lewis - 4:56.59  


Women's 4x100M Relay

5. Dordt  'A' - 50.68

      Miranda Velgersdyk           Joscelyn Wind 

      Marisa Broersma               Kim Kroeze   

8. Dordt  'B' - 51.65

    Natalie Van Essen          Elizabeth Rankin

    Siera Huff                       Brittany Broersma


Women's 4x400M Relay

2. Dordt  'A'  - 4:00.38  

    Miranda Velgersdyk            Joscelyn Wind      

    Elizabeth Rankin                Marisa Broersma    

7. Dordt  'B' - 4:08.16

     Kim Kroeze                      Justine Van Zee    

     Jenna Wilgenburg             Nicole Slater

10. Dordt  'C' - 4:12.31

     Siera Huff                     Raquelle Mouw      

     Kelsey Lewis                Kayla Byl          


The Defenders will look to build off strong performances as they head to Orange City, Iowa to compete in the Northwestern Invitational on April 22nd and 23rd.