Men's Varsity Lacrosse vs. Judson

L 4-26

1:00 PM - Saturday, March 30, 2013
Cornell Soccer Complex, Mount Vernon, Iowa
Non-conference Match


Dordt Goals: <br>
Nathan Smith-2, Mark Opp-1, Nate Weigel-1<br><br>
Dordt Assists:<br>
Mark Opp-1, Nate Weigel-1<br><br>
Jesse Anderson-3, Jordan Harmelink-3, Joel Kranenburg-3, Nathan Opp-3, Dirk Oudman-3, Jordan Shaffer-3<br><br>
Jordan Yntema-3 saves and 12 goals allowed for a .200 save percentage.<br>
TJ Wells-12 saves and 14 goals allowed for a .462 save percentage. <br><br>

"Having never played Judson before we weren’t sure what to expect other than what we read in the scouting report. Their offense killed our zone defense with their quick passing and our defense could never get the ball to the offense. We played tough through the opening minutes of the first quarter but they just kept coming and we couldn’t respond," said Dordt captain Jordan Harmelink.<p>
"Biggest weekend of the season in Kansas City Saturday. Two games against division opponents Missouri S&T and Creighton. If we win both games, we’re in the playoffs. Real simple. We know what we have to do," commented Harmelink.