Men's Varsity Lacrosse vs. Cornell

W 22-0

10:00 AM - Saturday, March 30, 2013
Cornell Soccer Complex, Mount Vernon, Iowa
Non-conference Match


Dordt Goals:<br>
Nate Weigel-5 , Drew Johnson-3, Mark Opp-3, Seth Borchard-2, Tyler York-2, Jesse Anderson-1, Jordan Harmelink-1, Jordan Shaffer-1, Jeremy Van Dam-1<br><br>
Mark Opp-2, Jesse Anderson-1, Seth Borchard-1, Tyler Couperus-1, Drew Johnson-1, Nathan Opp-1<br><br>
Mark Opp-9, Drew Johnson-6, Joel Kranenburg-6, James Park-6, Jesse Anderson-5, Tyler Couperus-5, Nathan Smith-5
TJ Wells-3 saves and 0 goals allowed<br>
Jordan Yntema-1 save and 0 goals allowed<br><br>

"We knew going into this game that we had a chance to put up some big numbers and come away with a win but I was really happy with how the guys stayed focus and got the job done," said captain Jordan Harmelink. "We were a little sloppy early on but we took care of business. After a rough last two games, it was nice to put a big win on the board, including a shut-out for the defense."