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The Andreas Center offers new opportunities

A gift from Lowell Andreas, whose family has a long history of support for the Reformed faith and for the vision upon which Dordt College is based, has led to the creation of the Andreas Center for Reformed Scholarship and Service. The Center’s motto is “expanding the development of serviceable insight around the world and across generations.”

“The Andreas Center is a coordinated effort to provide Reformed scholarship and service for a larger world,” says Director Hubert Krygsman. It is an administrative “hub” tying together efforts that show, apply, and develop Dordt’s Reformed Christian perspective. One goal is to get faculty, students, and Dordt’s constituency engaged in contemporary global culture and the needs of its people. Another is to develop contacts with a broader world and, in the process, broaden Dordt’s service, learning, and presence in that world.

After formalizing the agreement earlier this year, Krygsman and President Carl Zylstra met with Andreas at his Mankato, Minnesota, home in August to outline some of what they hope the center will accomplish. Andreas is a former president of Archer Daniels Midland and founder of National City Bank.

The Center for Educational Services will now be under the supervision of the Andreas Center as it tries to serve Christian schools and teachers. It is funding a teacher mentoring program begun this summer. It also provides support for the Prairie Grass Film Festival so that young filmmakers can learn to engage culture through film. Another budding project is support for collaborative efforts between Agriculture Professor Ron Vos and professors at Northrise University, a new Christian institution in Zambia.

Other opportunities for consulting, doing Reformed scholarship, serving the community, and educating people off campus are being considered.

“All projects will highlight a biblical Reformed perspective offered in service to others,” says Krygsman, who has a reduced teaching load to direct the Center.