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August 20, 2014

Dordt volleyball freshmen Haley Moss, Heather Showers, and Summer Jansen created this glimpse into the experiences of the team on Day 1.

Our first day in California consisted of many fun activities. We started off the day by meeting in the Dordt parking lot at 6:45 am; however, Heather Showers failed to wake up to her alarm and slept in. Brooke Wolterstorff proceeded to run to her dorm and wake her up, resulting in Heather freaking out. Once everyone was packed in the car we headed off to the Sioux Falls airport.

We boarded our small airplane (trust the tall one who says it was a small airplane) and soon figured out that the air-conditioning was working very well. The plane was literally shooting snow out of the air conditioners at us. We landed in Denver, ate a team meal at the airport there and then boarded our next flight to Orange County. Once we landed we made our way to the baggage claim and surprisingly everybody got their luggage and none was lost.  The coaches went and got the two big vans and came and picked us up. We then headed to Balboa Island where we went to the beach and ate a team meal.

After we ate, some of the girls decided to go swim in the ocean. We swam for ten minutes and then ran all the way back to the ferry in order to catch it. We loaded the vans and began our journey to our hotel. It took us about an hour and a half which was a long time to be in soaking wet clothes. After we checked in, we made our way to the gym at Biola University for a workout after which we were all pretty hungry so we made a quick I-Hop stop which really hit the spot! We then headed back to the hotel to get a good night’s rest to prepare for a busy week ahead of us. It was a very fun and eventful day.

Dordt volleyball sophomores Becci Madden, Brooke Wolterstorff, and Elizabeth Kiel created this glimpse into the experiences of the team on Day 2.

Laughter and excitement filled day two in California where our team’s relationship continued to grow.  Our seniors led us in morning devotions and encouraged us all to be selfless and value each other’s gifts. We visited Knott’s Berry Farm and Amusement Park with a goal to ride every single roller coaster.  In the process, we learned new things about our teammates. 

Many of us girls were thrilled to go on the fast and adrenaline raising rollercoasters, while others needed some encouragement.  We also learned how all of us can communicate not only on the court but have voices that can scream high above others.  After going on countless rides and sharing many laughs and smiles we saw the value of spending time in each other’s company without the distraction of phones and technology.

We were also reminded that we’re not in Sioux Center any more.  The traffic is always a little heavier but our chauffeurs, a.k.a.  Coaches, always get us where we need to go even with all the back seat driving, friendly honking, lane merging, and countless U-turning.  The lack of humidity kept everyone’s hair nice and the warm weather resulted in sun-kissed skin.  We are all enjoying a short-term switch of scenery from cornfields to the beautiful palm trees.

We had a quick trip to the gym after the amusement park and switched our minds from tourists to athletes.  Getting great volleyball practice touches, we prepared for our upcoming matches in the Biola Tournament.  Our team really knows how to go from sweat and pony-tails to perfume and dresses in record time.  We left the hotel and were sitting at dinner twenty minutes later.  We ended the night at the restaurant Tony Roma’s Steakhouse where families joined us.  We were treated to a delicious meal and to top off a great day Coach Hanson even treated us with dessert.

Today has brought us closer as a team and God has truly blessed us with this opportunity to experience more of His world.  God gave us a beautiful day to grow as a team and we look forward to what He has in store for the rest of our trip.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

Go Defenders!

The Sophomores

California Day Three by Dordt volleyball juniors Meghan Krausman, Jenna Hortsman, Brielle Van Zonneveld, Felicia Schaap, and Morgan Alger

After a hearty breakfast this morning and a great scouting report we hit the gym for the morning and finally reached the moment where we were able to put on our beloved DC volleyball jerseys. However, we first needed to get in a few pre-match locker room games with the team to get warmed up before the anticipated day ahead of us. With the number 2 nationally ranked Concordia Irvine match ahead, excitement and nerves were building up inside all of us. Before we began the match, we got a quick bite to eat consisting of peanut butter and jelly with bananas and reviewed our strategy for Concordia.

Once we felt confident in our game plan, we hit the court. This game was full of long rallies filled with huge digs and even bigger hits and blocks.  A major component to our team this year is that we came up with a new way to celebrate getting a block which made the game so much more fun. There were so many huge blocks that it was fun getting to celebrate them with the team and even with some of the parents that came to support us. We can’t wait for you all to see it in De Witt Gym! After a hard fought battle against Concordia Irvine, we lost the game, but learned a lot about our own game and playing with our teammates.

After we refueled our bodies, we congregated in one of the air conditioned rooms by the gym to cool off and rest up for the next match. This time was occupied by Meghan and Summer Jansen attempting to learn a handshake from the movie The Parent Trap. After multiple tries, they seemed to have it down, but watching them was priceless and provided many laughs.

Then we strategized for the next match against Vanguard. We went over strengths and weaknesses and what goals we wanted to reach for the game ahead of us. We then went over to the gym to put on our jerseys once again and began our next match. We fought hard, made adjustments, and reached most of our goals, but we couldn’t quite get the win. The highlight of this match was hearing our amazing fans that traveled many miles to sit in a sauna type bleacher setting chanting the famous, “Let’s go Dordt!” We are so appreciative of our parents and fans that are dedicated and very supportive of our team and our school.

We came back to the hotel, quickly cleaned up, and went back down to the lobby to be greeted by our family and friends and Dordt alumni from the area as we shared a meal provided by the hotel. We shared stories, played Dutch bingo, and Coach Hanson was able to introduce us to his local friends and high school coaches. Once we were finished with the meal, we went for a walk to a local souvenir shop and purchased some clothing and fun trinkets to remember our trip in a physical form, where the memories we shared as a team will be something we will hold in our minds forever.

Today was a long day, but we grew as a team, we grew as a program, and made some pretty awesome memories. Now it’s off to pack all our things and get some much needed sleep! Two more matches to go and we leave tomorrow.  Thank you for following along with us on this trip. 

We are grateful,  

Meghan Krausman, Jenna Hortsman, Brielle Van Zonneveld, Felicia Schaap, and Morgan Alger

-The Juniors

California Day Four by Dordt volleyball seniors Ashley Theune, Jiovih Augustave, Kayla Bartman and Siri Nelson.

This morning came quicker than the others with a 5:45am wake up call. We scrambled to pack our bags and load up the vans before heading out to a toasty Biola gym. Our 8:00am game against The Master’s College was the beginning of a long, hard-fought day. Five games and 15 blocks later, we came away with our first victory of the season. We finally began to put all the pieces together and to play as one strong unit.

Following the game, our wonderful assistant coaches provided us with some much needed nutrition: PB&J sandwiches, as we requested. After fueling up our bodies we headed back out for our final match in California. Rocky Mountain College was another hard fought battle that went into five games. 16 blocks, 10 aces, and a couple bags of fruit snacks later we came out victorious for the second time this season.

And then the real adventure began….catching our plane back home. Leaving the gym at 3:00pm trying to get to Orange Country for our 5:45pm departure, we had to stop to eat at In-N-Out Burger—it wouldn’t be a complete California trip without it! Now running a little behind, the coaches dropped us off and got us through security as they drove to return the rental vans. As the team sat anxiously at the gate, pondering all the pieces necessary to make it home to Sioux Center: our coaches to arrive, our boarding passes for our connecting flight from Denver to Sioux Falls, and the van keys to drive home from Sioux Falls, we began planning “Mission: Stall the Plane”.

Anywhere from “misplacing” our boarding passes to faking diabetic attacks to our 6’6” freshman tripping and falling off the boarding dock; we were coming home as a team. With minutes to spare, our coaches arrived and unfortunately we didn’t have to put our Mission into action.

As we are on our final plane back to Sioux Falls, we are reflecting on the adventures of when #dcvolleyballtookcali. Our goals before leaving were to build relationships, to have loads of fun, and to come back with some wins. Looking back on the trip, we cemented relationships both on and off the court through highly competitive opponents as well as surviving the Ghost Rider at Knott’s Berry farm together. 

We are leaving California a much stronger and much closer Dordt College volleyball team. We hope that these relationships continue to grow, and we trust that this weekend has set high standards for the rest of the season. We can’t wait for our first home match on September 13 and hope to see you all there. Thank you for all the love and support. Go Defenders!

-The Seniors

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