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Dordt hosts Let All Creation Praise Him photo contest for high school students

February 17, 2014


All of creation brings glory to God and has value in his eyes. To help students  more fully appreciate and celebrate the creation, Dordt College’s environmental studies department is inviting all high school students, grades 9 to 12, to participate in the first annual photo contest; this year’s theme is “Let All Creation Praise Him.”

Photographs must creatively capture how non-human creation praises God, highlighting the God-given value of creation. Students can submit their photos along with an essay describing how they think the photo captures the theme, “Let All Creation Praise Him,” to Submissions are accepted from February 28 to March 21.

Photos and essays will be evaluated by a panel of judges based on creativity, quality of the photograph, and the student’s ability to explain how the photograph illustrates the reality that all of creation praises God. A people’s choice award will also be given. The first place winner will be awarded a $500 prize; second place receives $250; and the people’s choice winner receives $100.

Full rules, instructions, and permission forms will be available here.

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