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Students present end-of-semester research

April 22, 2013

As the school year ends, students are finalizing projects and concluding research. Dordt College is offering the opportunity for the community to see and hear about the agriculture, biology, and environmental studies research, and engineering projects students have done this semester. Presentation schedules will be listed as they become available.

Wednesday, May 1, presentations will begin at 5 p.m. in the Science and Technology Center. Agriculture presentations will be in room S101. Biology and environmental studies presentations will be in S108.

Wednesday, May 8, engineering presentations will begin at 7 p.m. in the Science and Technology Center room S101.

Biology schedule

Using Photo-Crosslinking to Establish the Signaling INteraction between Mac-I and Talin. Christy Sikkema.

Do our Normal Cells Help Cancer Cells Invade and Matastasize? Sam De Nooy.

Generating a Management Plan for the Big Sioux Recreational Area. Seth Fopma.

Examination of the ACTN3 and ACE Gene Polymorphisms in College Athletes. Rachel Smith.

Verifying a Protein Interaction between Myosin5 and Pacsin3. Matthiew Hoogland.

Constructing a Cux1 Bait Plasmid. Paige Roos.

Which Proteases are Involved in Cancer Metastasis? Heather Brand.

Investigating Silver Carp Distribution in Northwest Iowa. Josh Piers.

What Mammals are Present at Oak Grove Park? Nicole Stuadt.


Engineering schedule

Gearbox for a Laser-Guided Boring Machine. Jeremy Van Dam, Daniel Hofland, Jordan Yntema. Project Sponsor: Vermeer Corporation, Pella, Iowa

Sandy Hollow Bridge. Eric Walter, David Harrold, Mark Nyhoff. Project Sponsor: Northwest Iowa Outdoor Sports Club, Sioux Center, Iowa

Theater Arts Remodeling Project. Danielle DeBoer, Erin Conley, Erin Homan. Project Sponsor: Dordt College, Sioux Center, Iowa

Control Systems Process Experimental Unit. Yoseph Kigeneh, Jeremy Kamp, Nate Vruwink. Project Sponsor: Dordt College Engineering Department, Sioux Center, Iowa

Dordt Electric Car Battery Monitoring System. Jon Bierma, Daniel Gondere, Jared Goedhart. Project Sponsor: Dordt College Engineering Department, Sioux Center, Iowa

Solar Power Generation System for ECHO. Ryan Tholen, Tyler Woudstra, Hannah Orlow. Project Sponsor: Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization, Fort Myers, Florida

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