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Ideafest is celebration of academic accomplishments

April 8, 2013

Dordt College invites the community to join in a celebration of academic achievement at Ideafest, an afternoon filled with presentations, art projects, artistic performances, and documentary films all researched and created by Dordt students.

Approximately 50 presentations will be given during the annual Ideafest to be held Thursday, April 18, from 1 to 3:30 p.m. Presentations are 15 minutes each, which includes time for questions. Those attending are free to wander from one presentation to another, as there are usually six going on at the same time throughout campus.

Students will also display poster presentations that visitors can view and talk with students about their work.

“In an academic community like Dordt College, where students and faculty are constantly wrestling with ideas and dreaming up dreams both big and small, it’s so important to have a venue where those ideas can be shared,” said Mark Volkers, professor of digital media production, who often has students present films they’ve made in his classes.

“Events like Ideafest are the reason for a college education: discovering, developing, and discussing ideas as agents for growth and change in God’s world,” said Dordt English Professor Mary Dengler. “Students come prepared to celebrate their scholarship in various forms of media with peers and faculty.”

A full list of this year’s projects and presenters can be found at

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