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Dordt Basketball In Florida For Pair

December 21, 2012

GAMETIME… Dordt College will face Webber International on Friday, December 28 and Warner on Saturday, December 29.  Both games will tip off at 6:00 pm Iowa time.  The games will be played in Babson Park, Florida.   The games will be broadcast on KDCR 88.5 FM and at  Results will be available at  and at when complete.

SCOUTING REPORT… Webber International is 7-4 this season and is on a five game winning streak after losing four games in a row at one point from November 9 to November 28.  The losses for Webber International are to Bethel (TN), Cumberlands (KY), Loyola (LA) and Ave Maria (FL).  Webber International has a win over Warner and Saint Francis this season.

Webber International is averaging 71 points per game and allow 67.3 points per outing while making 42.8 percent of their field goals.  Opponents are converting 37.8 percent of the shots they take and Webber International is outrebounding teams 41.5-38.7. 

Brian Pace is scoring 16.4 points per game and gets five rebounds per outing and is averaging 4.3 assists per game.  Jakeem Hill is putting in 14.2 points epr game and is taking down 7.5 rebounds per game.  Tyler Auerbacher completes the double digit scorers with a 12.3 points per game average.  Gabriel Rutledge takes down a team high 10.2 rebounds per game and is scoring 6.8 points per game with 50 percent field goal shooting. 

Warner is 8-4 overall and 0-3 in Sun Conference play.  The lone non-conference loss is to Sterling College (80-77).  The conference losses for Warner are to Southeastern (68-63), Webber International (69-66) and Johnson and Wales (86-84).  The Royals have won two games in a row since dropping three straight from November 28 through December 5.  Warner has played away from home just two times this season.

The Royals average 84.6 points per game and allow 59.2 points per outing while outrebounding teams 39.7-31.3.  They are converting 47.1 percent of their field goals and shoot the three-point shot often, having made 121-342 this season for 35.4 percent success.  44 percent of the shots taken by Warner this season have been three-pointers. 

Mark St. Fort is leading the team with a 16.9 points per game average to go with a team high 8.4 rebounds per game.  St. Fort is converting 67.5 percent of his field goal attempts.  Ian Wilhelm is knocking down 16.5 points per game while Bryce Kachinski is converting 13.0 points per game and Halstead Chiverton is putting in 12.6 points per game with 5.9 rebounds.  Kachinski averages a team high four assists per game.

DEFENDER NOTES… Dordt College is 11-3 overall and are 5-3 heading into the Christmas Break.  The Defenders started the season with six straight non-conference wins.  The Defenders have won three of their last four after splitting four games from November 17 to December 1. 

Dordt College is averaging 80.8 points per game and allow 65.1 points per outing while also holding a 40.2-31.0 rebounding edge.  The Defenders make 49.9 percent of their shots while they allow teams to make 39.5 percent of the field goals they try.  Dordt is making 40.7 percent of the three-point shots it has taken (107-263) and opponents are converting 32.1 percent on 87-271 shooting. 

Cliff Warner tops the team with a 14.9 points per game average and is handing out 3.5 assists per game with 16 steal.  Warner has converted 49-108 three-point shots, leading the team in both made baskets and attempts,  Trevor Wolterstorff is averaging 13.4 points per game with 6.2 rebounds per contest and he is converting 55.3 percent of his field goal attempts.  Jordan Vogel adds 12.1 points per game and has a 5.2 rebounding average and has made 66.7 percent of his field goals.  Austin Katje is good for 10.2 points per game and is 21-46 on three-point shots.  Chris Sievers is averaging 9.2 points per game and Kyle Lindbergh has a 7.1 average to go with 5.9 rebounds per outing.  Shawn Keizer adds 6.0 points per game and 3.8 rebounds. 

NEXT… The Defenders return to GPAC play on Wednesday, January 2 at Hastings and will host Concordia on Saturday, January 5.

LAST TIME… Webber International played De Vry University on Thursday, December 20 and won 92-46.  Webber International was up 45-23 at halftime and made 41-70 field goals.  Pace had 22 points while Michael May and Kevin Kobold had 15 each.  Webber International had a 38-26 rebounding edge.

Warner beat Saint Francis on December 17 by a final score of 66-54 after taking a 31-28 halftime lead.  Warner was 24-53 from the field and 13-19 on free throws in the win while holding St. Francis to 20-56 shooting.  Warner also had a 36-33 rebounding edge and both teams had 15 turnovers.  Kachinski had a team high 19 points and dished five assists with five rebounds.  Ray Victor came off the bench to convert 6-7 field goals for 13 points and Chiverton had 12 points with eight rebounds in a reserve role.

Dordt’s last game was a 74-58 win over Briar Cliff on Saturday, December 22.  The Defenders made 30-58 shots from the floor for 52 percent success and they were 39-36 winners on the boards.  Cliff Warner, Trevor Wolterstorff and Jordan Vogel all had 15 points and Shawn Keizer and Austin Katje had five rebounds each. 

SERIES… This will be the first meeting between Dordt and these two teams.

NUMBERS… Several Dordt College Defenders continue to reach milestones this season.  Trevor Wolterstorff ranks third all-time in scoring with 1,647 points with Luke Ruter in second with 1,793 points.  He also has 606 rebounds which is ninth right behind Logan Kingma’s 613.  His 193 assists is 21st behind Brad Boer’s 201 total and his 98 steals are right behind Eric Maas’s 107 in 19th place.

Jordan Vogel has 1,098 points and is 19th all-time behind Bob Rip’s 1,116.  His 604 rebounds rank tenth behind Wolterstorff and he also has 106 blocked shots and 68 steals. 

Cliff Warner has made 163 three-pointers which is fourth all-time behind Kingma with 166 and Troy Stahl is in second with 172.  Warner’s 278 assists rank seventh with Shawn De Stigter totaling 286 in sixth and his 104 steals are 17th all-time. 

GPAC STANDINGS…(Thursday, December 20)
Concordia  6-0/12-0
Morningside 6-1/11-1
Briar Cliff 5-2/11-2
Northwestern  5-2/10-3
Dakota Wesleyan 4-3/10-4
Mount Marty  4-3/7-5
Dordt College 4-4/8-8
Hastings  3-4/8-8
Midland   2-6/5-9
Nebraska Wesleyan 0-7/1-10
Doane   0-7/5-10

Doane  6-2/14-2
Northwestern 5-2/10-3
Dordt   5-3/11-3
Midland  5-3/8-5
Hastings  4-3/12-3
Morningside 3-4/6-9
Briar Cliff 3-4/10-5
Dakota Wesleyan 3-4/7-7
Concordia  2-5/5-6
Mount Marty  2-5/5-8
Nebraska Wesleyan 2-5/6-5

January 2
Mount Marty  @  Briar Cliff
Dordt @ Hastings
Dakota Wesleyan @ Midland
Northwestern @ Concordia
Morningside @ Nebraska Wesleyan

January 5
Nebraska Wesleyan @ Dakota Wesleyan
Concordia @ Dordt
Doane @ Northwestern
Mount Marty @ Hastings
Morningside @ Briar Cliff

Men's Basketball

Saturday, December 15
Dordt College 74, Briar Cliff University 58
Midland University 90, Morningside College 52
Northwestern College 114, Hastings College 102
Nebraska Wesleyan University 63, Mount Marty College 52
Dakota Wesleyan University 75, Doane College 72

Wednesday, December 12
Mount Marty College 80, Dakota Wesleyan University 70
Doane College 77, Concordia University 67
Dordt College 70, Morningside College 63
Midland University 56, Nebraska Wesleyan University 47

Saturday, December 8
Hastings College 88, Briar Cliff University 69
Nebraska Wesleyan University 71, Dordt College 69 (OT)
Midland University 62, Mount Marty College 54
Dakota Wesleyan University 75, Concordia University 65
Doane College 76, Morningside College 60

Wednesday, December 5
Morningside College 80, Dakota Wesleyan University 69
Dordt College 64, Northwestern College 56
Doane College 65, Midland University 64
Briar Cliff University 75, Concordia University 68
Hastings College 64, Nebraska Wesleyan University 58

Saturday, December 1
Midland University 97, Dordt College 89
Dakota Wesleyan University 91, Hastings College 79
Northwestern College 79, Nebraska Wesleyan University 68
Doane College 66, Mount Marty College 61
Morningside College 87, Concordia University 70

Wednesday, November 28
Midland University 88, Concordia University 81 (OT)
Briar Cliff University 71, Nebraska Wesleyan University 64
Dordt College 95, Dakota Wesleyan University 78
Mount Marty College 56, Northwestern College 54
Hastings College 80, Doane College 73

Tuesday, November 20
Doane College 83, Briar Cliff University 73
Dordt College 86, Mount Marty College 72
Hastings College 77, Midland University 70
Concordia University 68, Nebraska Wesleyan University 65
Northwestern College 109, Morningside College 98

Saturday, November 17
Doane College 86, Dordt College 70
Briar Cliff University 76, Dakota Wesleyan University 71
Northwestern College 88, Midland University 85
Concordia University 66, Mount Marty College 63
Morningside College 88, Hastings College 75

Wednesday, November 14
Northwestern 94, Briar Cliff 93 ot

Women's Basketball
Saturday, December 15
Dordt College 91, Briar Cliff University 74
Morningside College 77, Midland University 53
Northwestern College 77, Hastings College 45
Mount Marty College 81, Nebraska Wesleyan University 56
Dakota Wesleyan University 81, Doane College 69

Wednesday, December 12
Women's Basketball
Morningside College 64, Dordt College 62
Midland University 68, Nebraska Wesleyan University 33
Dakota Wesleyan University 70, Mount Marty College 66

Saturday, December 8
Briar Cliff University 82, Hastings College 69
Dordt College 67, Nebraska Wesleyan University 34
Mount Marty College 84, Midland University 71
Concordia University 78, Dakota Wesleyan University 58
Morningside College 69, Doane College 48

Wednesday, December 5
Concordia University 72, Briar Cliff University 65
Northwestern College 71, Dordt College 51
Midland University 65, Doane College 60
Morningside College 74, Dakota Wesleyan University 59
Hastings College 56, Nebraska Wesleyan University 49
Mount Marty College 66, Dakota State University 60

Saturday, December 1
Dordt College 70, Midland University 63
Dakota Wesleyan University 75, Hastings College 53
Northwestern College 103, Nebraska Wesleyan University 61
Mount Marty College 70, Doane College 58
Concordia University 80, Morningside College 76

Wednesday, November 28
Northwestern College 62, Mount Marty College 51
Briar Cliff University 77, Nebraska Wesleyan University 39
Dakota Wesleyan University 95, Dordt College 84
Hastings College 71, Doane College 55

Tuesday, November 27
Concordia 110, Midland 65

Tuesday, November 20

Briar Cliff University 73, Doane College 67
Mount Marty College 55, Dordt College 51
Hastings College 55, Midland University 51
Concordia University 91, Nebraska Wesleyan University 61
Morningside College 72, Northwestern College 70

Saturday, November 17
Dordt College 55, Doane College 46
Briar Cliff University 76, Dakota Wesleyan University 61
Concordia University 91, Mount Marty College 61
Northwestern College 86, Midland University 68
Morningside College 74, Hastings College 66

Wednesday, November 17
Briar Cliff 91, Northwestern 79

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