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Film screening “Sioux County Agriculture: A Documentary Film”

February 14, 2011

A free screening of “Sioux County Agriculture: A Documentary Film” was shown at Dordt College on Monday, Feb. 21.

The documentary was created by Prairie Grass Productions, Dordt College’s film production company. Three digital media students and on-camera host Andy Schuttinga spent a semester interviewing local farmers, filming local farms, and immersing themselves in learning about Sioux County’s advanced agriculture industry. The students were contacted about creating a film by Sioux Center Chamber of Commerce Agriculture Committee Member Dr. Fred Sick.

Brett Leyendekker, a Dordt College junior, was the first person enlisted to the project because of his agriculture-business major and digital medial production minor. “Ever since my first semester here at Dordt College, I always wondered how my major and minor could come together. When offered this project, I realized the beneficial opportunity it provided, and I gladly accepted.”

Aaron Yoder, a senior majoring in digital media production, served as the project’s producer. He learned quickly that the level of quality was very high in Sioux County’s agriculture business. “[In Sioux County, there are] huge quantities of crops and animals tied together with a commitment of quality and stewardship. Local farmers use very advanced methods of farming that ensure cleanliness and efficiency.”

Gary Huitsing, a junior majoring in art-graphic design and digital media production, served as a videographer and editor. During filming he discovered a strong sense of community among Sioux County farmers. “It was interesting to hear, among those we interviewed, they said that one of the best things about Sioux County was the farming community. What surprised me was that three of the eight farms we visited are century farms. It’s a testament to the long lasting successes of this county and the hard work of the farmers here.”

The documentary run time is 52 minutes, and it is divided into eight episodes to help educate tourists and students. Episodes include beef, goats, dairy, crops, sheep, eggs (laying hens), chickens (broilers), and pigs.  

Read the article by Agri News with more information about this documentary.

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