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16 Terabytes for Media Storage Coming This Week.

January 16, 2009


Four years ago, Dordt was on the cutting edge of digital media production when it purchased and installed a 4 terabyte (TB) media server. This Avid media server allowed Dordt's Digital Media Production major to hook all of it's film/video editing stations together for the purposes of shared media storage. It's the way the big studios work and Dordt wanted its students to have that kind of professional post-production experience.

This weekend, Dordt College is swapping out that 4 TB media server for a 16 TB media server. The growth of the program, the aggressive pace of shooting of many of the majors, and the migration to shooting in High Def, required a much larger space for shared storage.

The recent filming trip in the Philippines for the documentary about slums, for example, generated close to 30 hours of both SD and HD footage that will be used by students and faculty to create three new programs. The 16 TB server will easily handle that much footage, leaving plenty of room for class projects and independent study projects.

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