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Scott Culpepper

Scott Culpepper
Associate Professor of History

Phone: (712) 722-6327

I specialize in the fields of Early Modern Europe and the Americas (the Atlantic World) with a particular emphasis on the interaction of politics, religion, and popular culture in human societies. Some of my particular topics of interest are Transatlantic Puritanism and Separatism, Tudor/Stuart England, religion in American culture, the history and culture of the British Isles, and the history of Christianity. I also enjoy studying historical films and their impact on popular culture.

One of my favorite aspects of teaching at Dordt is the opportunity to teach the Core 140 and 145 courses on western culture and worldviews. My academic interests are wide-ranging, and these courses give me the chance to explore with my students all of the human experience from creation to Cold War. I enjoy probing the tough questions of life with them through critical discussion of controversial issues, rigorous engagement with primary source materials, and active learning through historical simulations.

You never know what you might encounter in my upper-level history classes. Some days students may come to class and learn about history. Other days, students will come to class and live it as we engage in historical simulations that place them in the court of Henry VIII or send them on a mission to negotiate a formal alliance between Brazil and other Latin American nations before their classmates can form their own coalitions.

My current research projects include crafting a transatlantic history of the Puritan and Separatist movements as well as a book on religion in American culture based on the course I teach. I am also working on an article about the portrayal of Mary, Queen of Scots on television and film. You can find some of my articles and other reflections on my blog, Faithful History.

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