About Me

Chris Goedhart

Chris Goedhart
Professor of Agriculture


After growing up in Southern California, I obtained degrees in biology, plant science, and plant physiology in several parts of the country before coming to NW Iowa to teach in in 1986. 
I enjoy teaching a variety of courses in agronomy, soil science, crop protection, and horticulture as well as a senior capstone course. I have maintained diverse interests in agriculture by continuing to visit farms and farmers in seventeen states in the following U.S. regions (Northwest, Southwest, Central, and Southeast.) These courses not only provide foundational concepts and develop a knowledge base, but also challenge students to understand how perspective influences the questions asked and directions taken by a field of study. Similarly students discover how a Christian perspective becomes integral to studying cultures, technologies, and the biotic world. The following are courses which I teach:
Agriculture student teams at Dordt are required to develop a directed research proposal with the help of a faculty mentor. Some examples of student projects which I have mentored include the following:
This summer, I will be learning more about the application of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles; 'drones') and GIS software to agriculture at Dordt College's Agriculture Stewardship Center (ASC).