Putting Love Into Action (PLIA)

Each year, Putting Love Into Action (PLIA) enlists more than 100 students in a variety of service projects. This year, approximately 120 students participated.

At the sites, students did a variety of jobs such as home repair and painting, cleanup of center grounds or facilities, and childcare or teaching. They also helped by developing long-term relationships between Dordt and the organization the group served. While these are mission-service trips, groups also found some time away for recreation or sightseeing.

Toronto PLIA GroupPLIA participants attest to the importance of social and devotional times, as students grow closer to each other and get to know the personnel of the ministry center and the people of the community in which the team is working.

The cost for each student to participate is approximately $350. Students must submit deposits of $75, $85, or $95 (based on early bird deadlines) out of their own pockets with their applications. Additionally, they are required to submit seven letters of support with their application. The money collected is all pooled together.

Inevitably, some students collect less than the $350 required, while other individuals and churches or businesses make somewhat larger donations. As a result, no student is ever turned down for PLIA based on shortage of funds. Generally, we are able to use this method to raise the nearly $50,000 required each year–a beautiful picture of the body of Christ working together.

There are several options available to those who wish to donate online.

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