Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to come together each Wednesday morning when students are on campus to worship God together and to reflect as a Christian community on contemporary issues. These worship times include singing, prayer and reflections on Scripture. Chapel participation is encouraged for all students and employees.

Chapels are each Wednesday while students are on campus from 11-11:40 AM.

Chapel can be watched live on the Dordt College Chapel live stream. Chapel archives are provided as a podcast at the Dordt College Chapel on iTunes or individually in the schedule below.

2016-17 Chapel Schedule

This fall, our chapel series will walk through various events in the books of Acts. As the early New Testament Church began to establish its place in the ancient world, it made a name for itself in its peculiar and subversive way of courageously loving. These little communities of faith quickly became the best thing that was happening to the broader ancient world, all while still working through their own brokenness. The Acts weren't unlike the serviceable insight we are trying to teach Dordt students. Our messages this fall will try to connect those two even closer.

Date Acts Passage Presenter Media
08-24 1:1-11 Aaron Baart No media
08-31 2:1-41 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
09-07 2:42-47 Jon De Groot MP3 | Video
09-14 4:23 - 5:11 Aaron Baart (Musical Guest: Aaron Strumpel) MP3 | Video
09-21 5:12-42 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
09-28   Scott Evans No media
10-05 8:1-25 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
10-14 10:1-48  -  Defender Days Chapel Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
10-19 14:8-20 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
10-26 15:1-21 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
11-02   Josh Louwerse MP3 | Video
11-09 16:11-40 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
11-16 18:18 - 19:22 Aaron Baart No media
11-30 19:23-41 Aaron Baart No media
12-07 Christmas Chapel Aaron Baart No media

2015-16 Chapel Schedule

The Mighty Deeds of Jesus in Mark's Gospel - Throughout the Gospels, Jesus teaches by word and deed. His parables are sometimes told and sometimes enacted. His mighty deeds reveal his message of restoration as much as his sermons. In this series we'll look at many of the stories of Jesus's mighty deeds as they are found in Mark's Gospel. We'll examine what they meant in their own context and what they mean for a church today that is called to be God's instrument of healing in a hurting and broken world.

Date Title Presenter Media
08-26 Healing Starts with Healing Me First Aaron Baart MP3 | No video
09-02 Demons in Church Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
09-09 Trading Places with Lepers Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
09-16 Healing Inside and Out Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
09-23 Special Guest Dr. Paul Mpindi MP3 | Video
09-30 Calming Storms Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
10-07 Special Guest Keith No media
10-14 The Legions Fall Facedown Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
10-23 The Person of Jesus & the People of Israel Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
10-28 Special Guest Dr. Craig Mattson MP3 | Video
11-04 Feeding Multitudes Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
11-11 When Jesus Shows Up Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
11-18 True Israel Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
12-02 Clearer Vision? Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
12-09 Archetypal Disciples Aaron Baart MP3 | Video

The Psalms

Date Title Presenter Listen
01-13 Got Time for God? Dr. Hoekstra MP3 | Video
01-20 Psalm 1 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
01-27 Psalm 96 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
02-03 Psalm 19 Jake Van Wyk MP3 | Video
02-10 Psalm 115 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
02-17 Psalm 131 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
02-24 Psalm 63 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
03-02 So You Want to Change the World Sarah Thebarge MP3 | Video
03-16 Psalm 51 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
03-23 Psalm 139 MAD Skills MP3 | Video
03-25 Psalm 88 Aaron Baart MP3 | Video
03-30 Psalm 27 Jon De Groot MP3 | Video
04-06 Psalm 103 Tryg & Kristen Johnson MP3 | Video
04-13 Psalm 24 Aaron Baart  
04-20 Psalm 119 Aaron Baart  
04-27 Psalm 20 Aaron Baart