Call for Papers

We look forward to hosting educators and practitioners—in addition to historians and theologians—who can speak about the historical legacy and future of Protestantism, as well as the challenges facing Christian churches and higher education in the twenty-first century.

In addition to these broad themes, we also encourage papers and panel discussions that center on the following questions:

  • How can Christian colleges and universities draw upon the theological resources of the Protestant tradition to cast a vision for reformational teaching, preaching, and scholarship?
  • How might historical creeds and confessions profitably inform contemporary Christian practice and piety?
  • Which confessional traditions can—or should—claim the Canons of Dort as their theological inheritance?
  • Can theological controversy play a positive, constructive role in the church?
  • To what extent were the Canons of Dort an ecumenical statement—retaining continuity with the historic church and with other Protestant communions?
  • How have international voices influenced the development of the Protestant tradition? And which ones have been (sadly) forgotten?
  • Does Protestantism have a single, coherent identity? Or is its diversity one of its strengths?
  • How might heirs of the Reformed tradition learn from other traditions, such as Catholicism, Wesleyanism, et al.?

Submit proposals, including a 100-250 word abstract, to Final extended deadline: November 16, 2018.

NOTE: The Davenant Institute will be partnering with the Andreas Center to fund a select number of travel bursaries for presenters offering papers that promise to make substantial contributions to our understanding of the theological content of the Canons of Dort, the historical context framing and leading up to the Synod of Dort and the theological arguments presented there, and the reception of the Canons of Dort in 17th-century Protestant Europe. If you would like to be eligible for such a bursary, please include a brief letter accompanying your paper proposal summarizing how this paper fits into your research more generally, why you believe this paper makes a significant contribution, and what you expect your travel funding needs to be.