Bill Elgersma

Coach Bill ElgersmaHead Coach

Coaching Background

Coach Elgersma has been a part of the coaching staff at Dordt University since the early 90s, first as an assistant for the men's soccer team, then as head men's coach. In the early 2000s, he coached the women's side for several years, stepped down and became the hockey coach for a time, and returned to coach the women again in 2014. In addition to the college game, he has coached high school boys and girls, club, and semi pro.


Being both a full time professor and a coach, Coach Elgersma views co-curriculars as part of the experience, not the primary reason for attending college. Believing that God calls us all to use our talents to his glory, Elgersma expects excellence both in the classroom and on the pitch and pushes his players to achieve that excellence within the framework of a group that works for a common goal-to glorify God in all facets of their lives, including soccer. He sees athletics as another avenue where Christianity can make a difference in the dominant athletic culture. His expectation is that through the program students find a balance between academics and athletics and are able see the push for excellence is about honoring God, not self or the win/loss record. Through four years of playing college soccer here at Dordt, the hope of the program is that athletes are prepared to go out into the world to use what they have learned through their experiences and education to make a difference as servant leaders to society.

Academic Background

Dr. Bill Elgersma grew up in Southern Ontario (Canada) and attended Dordt in the 70s and 80s, graduating with English and P.E. majors. His masters is in English and doctorate is in secondary education. After 13 years of high school teaching, he moved over to college where he teaches for both the English and education departments.