Record: 0-0 (0-0)

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All times below are listed as CST (Central Standard Time)

DateOpponentLocationTime/ScoreGame Media
02/17SterlingSterling, Kansas1:00 PM
02/17SterlingSterling, Kansas3:00 PM
02/18SterlingSterling, Kansas1:00 PM
02/18SterlingSterling, Kansas3:00 PM
02/18SterlingSterling, Kansas3:00 PM
03/04William PennTucson, Arizona12:00 AM
03/04William PennTucson, Arizona6:00 PM
03/06JamestownTucson, Arizona10:00 AM
03/06JamestownTucson, Arizona12:00 PM
03/07WinnipegTucson, Arizona10:00 AM
03/07WinnipegTucson, Arizona12:00 PM
03/08WaldorfTucson, Arizona7:30 PM
03/09PresentationTucson, Arizona10:00 AM
03/09PresentationTucson, Arizona12:00 PM
03/10North CentralTucson, Arizona10:00 AM
03/17Central ChristianMcPherson, Kansas12:00 AM
03/17Central ChristianMcPherson, Kansas12:00 AM
03/18Central ChristianMcPherson, Kansas12:00 AM
03/18Central ChristianMcPherson, Kansas12:00 AM
03/24Midland*Fremont, Nebraska4:00 PM
03/24Midland*6:00 PM
03/25Concordia*Seward, Nebraska1:00 PM
03/25Concordia*Seward, Nebraska3:00 PM
03/28Northwestern*Orange City, Iowa4:00 PM
03/28NorthwesternOrange City, Iowa6:00 PM
03/30Briar Cliff*Sioux Center, Iowa4:00 PM
03/30Briar Cliff*Sioux Center, Iowa6:00 PM
04/01Hastings*Sioux Center, Iowa1:00 PM
04/01Hastings*Sioux Center, Iowa3:00 PM
04/04Dakota StateSioux Center, Iowa4:00 PM
04/04Dakota StateSioux Center, Iowa6:00 PM
04/07Morningside*TBA12:00 AM
04/07Morningside*TBA12:00 AM
04/08Morningside*TBA12:00 AM
04/08Morningside*TBA12:00 AM
04/11PresentationSioux Center, Iowa4:00 PM
04/11PresentationSioux Center, Iowa6:00 PM
04/14Dakota Wesleyan*Sioux Center, Iowa4:00 PM
04/14Dakota Wesleyan*Orange City, Iowa/ Sioux Center, Iowa6:00 PM
04/15Dakota Wesleyan*1:00 PM
04/15Dakota Wesleyan*Sioux Center, Iowa3:00 PM
04/18Northwestern*Orange City, Iowa4:00 PM
04/18Northwestern*Orange City, Iowa6:00 PM
04/21Doane*Crete, Nebraska1:00 PM
04/21Doane*Crete, Nebraska3:00 PM
04/22Doane*Crete, Nebraska1:00 PM
04/22Doane*Crete, Nebraska3:00 PM
04/28Mount Marty*Sioux Center, Iowa4:00 PM
04/28Mount Marty*Sioux Center, Iowa6:00 PM
04/29Mount Marty*Sioux Center, Iowa1:00 PM
04/29Mount Marty*Sioux Center, Iowa3:00 PM
05/04TBATBA12:00 AM
05/05TBATBA12:00 AM
05/06TBATBA12:00 AM

* indicates conference game