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Thank you for your interest in Defender Hockey.

The Dordt Hockey program has a rich history of pride and success. Although we are unable to offer scholarships to our student athletes, we believe we provide an experience that is second to none at our level. We have tremendous fan support, access to the varsity training amenities, and a great facility and team locker room.  

Defender Hockey strives to do everything The Defender Way. We are passionate about cultivating young men into leaders who are ready for life after Dordt. The goal of our program is to equip them to be purposeful, Christ-serving men when they leave us. Everything we are provided is treated with care, and we remind ourselves daily how blessed we are to represent Dordt and the players who came before us.

Support needs

This year, the hockey team is requesting support for the following items:

Shooting Gallery

Having the option to set up synthetic shooting areas at Vernon Ice Area in Sioux Center would allow our players more opportunities to work on shooting and stick handling training. This would expand our player development and increase our access to hockey specific training.

Colorado Trip

Each year our team takes a trip to Colorado and plays three games. With support for this trip, we will be able to offer new team-building opportunities and build traditions. The impact these off-the-ice experiences can have will last a lifetime.

Synthetic Ice

Limited ice time is a never-ending issue for hockey programs. The opportunity to practice and train on synthetic ice will further our development with strength training and team coordination.

Tyler Morgan

Tyler Morgan
Director of Ice Facilities & Programming