Support Men's Golf

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Your support of the Dordt University Golf team through the Defender Gold Club is critical to the success of our programs. The funds provide support to the program above and beyond our traditional operating budget. It assists in the ongoing growth and development of seeing The Defender Way lived out in our Men’s Golf program. Pursuing Christ-centered renewal and the pursuit of championships go hand in hand at Dordt University.

Donations to the Defender Gold Club help in recruiting talented student athletes to the program.  The funds support increased travel opportunities allowing our team the chance to compete in events on a national level.

Support needs

This year, the men's golf team is requesting support for the following items:

Launch Monitor Technology

Adding launch monitor technology to our program will provide immediate feedback for our players in developing their abilities during the off-season at indoor training sessions. The launch monitor technology provides information on ball launch, sidespin, backspin, angle of attack, club path, face rotation, and overall distance/direction of every shot. This technology will allow our golfers the ability to continue to develop their swings while hitting into nets during the winter.

Conditional Golf Apparel and Uniforms

Golf is played in multiple weather conditions. Competitions do not just take place on warm sunny days. Our student athletes compete in heat, cold, wind, and rain. The proper attire is critical to their ability to adapt to the ever-changing environmental conditions that present themselves throughout a golf season. Funds will supplement our uniform budget and help to provide our athletes with proper rain gear, rain grip gloves, pullovers, stocking hats, and miscellaneous items such as umbrellas and hand warmers.

Loft and Lie Machine

Properly tuned equipment is critical to success. A loft and lie machine will allow our student athletes to verify the integrity of their equipment. Adjusting lie angles directly affects ball flight direction and curvature. This helps to minimize manipulations during the swing to account for inconsistencies in equipment. Loft adjustments make sure that there is proper spacing between clubs, helping players maintain proper gapping for distance control.

Jon Crane

Jon Crane
Men's and Women's Head Golf Coach