Forms for Athletes

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Student-athletes and parents,

Welcome to Dordt athletics! Our athletic training staff consists of nationally certified and licensed athletic trainers in the state of Iowa. We work with the Sioux Center Health and the surrounding medical community to ensure safe participation in athletics. We are here to help you with whatever your needs may be, feel free to contact us at any time.

Chris Fagerness, head athletic trainer, ATC, LAT, NASM-CES
Office Phone: (712) 722-6312
Cell Phone: (605) 421-9835

This page outlines the required athletic and medical information you will need as a member of any intercollegiate athletic team at Dordt.

Sportsware Online is an online electronic medical tracking software the  Dordt University athletic training staff uses to track student-athletes' medical records. Each year all student-athletes are required to fill out medical forms to participate in Dordt athletics. All forms will be accessed and submitted electronically via Sportsware. All information is kept confidential. The following links explain this process:

New Athlete Sportsware Instructions

Returning Athlete Sportsware Instructions

If you have any questions with this process, please contact:

Joseph Carroll, Medical Information Coordinator, ATC, LAT, HGP-1
Office Phone: (712) 722-6312
Cell Phone: (605) 656-6203

All athletes must have the following forms completed prior to practicing or competing for any athletic team at Dordt.

  1. 1. A completed physical form (accessible via Sportsware)                                                                      All athletes at Dordt must complete a physical form prior to each academic school year. This form is accessible via Sportsware under forms and will need to be downloaded, printed off and completed by both the athlete and physician. Once completed it will need to be uploaded to Sportsware. Physicals MUST be done by a licensed physician, registered nurs or physician's assistant.
  2. A completed proof of insurance form (accessible via Sportsware)

    All athletes must provide proof of a primary insurance plan that covers athletic injuries. Athletes cannot participate in practice or competition without insurance coverage.

  3. A completed athletic injury procedure and secondary insurance form   (accessible via Sportsware)      Dordt has a sports accident insurance policy that covers athletic injuries. It will only cover expenses not covered by your primary insurance carrier. Dordt requires that you have acceptable primary insurance to participate in athletics, and you must follow all procedures required by your insurance carrier and Dordt.
  4. Personal information (accessible via Sportsware)

    The Dordt athletic training staff must have personal information and contact information on file for all athletes before they participate in practice or competition.

  5. A completed HIPAA form (accessible via Sportsware)

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) describes how student health information may be used and disclosed and how students may get access to their individually identifiable health information.

  6.  A consent to participate in random drug testing program form (accessible via Sportsware)

All athletes who participate in athletics at Dordt must submit to Dordt's random drug testing program. This helps to ensure safe participation among all Dordt athletes.

B. A consent to release information form (optional)

This form gives consent to Dordt to share information regarding any random drug test results to parents or guardians. This form is not required for participation in Dordt Athletics and is optional.

The Dordt Drug Testing Policy can be found here.