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Thank you for your interest in supporting Defender Football. As we continue to grow and develop our football program, support from people like you is increasingly important. The Defender Way is a holistic approach to developing our student athletes and significant resources are required to offer an optimal football experience that matches our bold vision.    

Specific needs

This year, the football team is requesting support for the following items:

Wyoming Leadership Trip

Our Leadership Trip is a significant opportunity for our team leaders (unity council and seniors) to begin each season. We take a bus to Wyoming where we participate in team-building activities, camping, and planning for our season’s rally cry. 

Defender Gold Club Scholarships

Football recruiting is a particularly tight market when it comes to financial aid. To attract great students and great athletes, who also fit the unique mission of Dordt University, the ability to supplement financial aid packages with a Defender Gold Club Scholarship is a game-changer for our program.

Joel Penner

Joel Penner
Head Football Coach/Instructor

RC 136
(712) 722-6311