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Your support of the Dordt Baseball team through the Defender Gold Club is vital to the success of our program. The Defender Gold Club provides support to the program above and beyond our traditional operating expenditures. It will assist in the growth of The Defender Way within our program as we strive to build a championship-level program and develop kingdom-focused men.

Donations to the Defender Gold Club provide the necessary resources to compete for GPAC titles. It will allow us to enhance the ways we build young men off the field. The objectives outlined below are critical to our program needs and will aid in our quest of GPAC titles and the development of the whole person.

Specific needs

This year, the baseball team is requesting support for the following items:

Indoor Pitching Mound

Adding three indoor pitching mounds will create more opportunities for our pitcher development. As we move forward, this will allow us to practice in a more efficient manner. These three mounds will also allow us to spend more time with each pitcher as we strive to properly develop our athletes.

Plyometrics Wall

A plyometrics wall is a key piece of the Driveline Program. By adding a new plyometrics wall we will be able to improve mechanics, build strength, and add velocity with our pitchers. Even a few small increments in increased velocity can make a big difference in a game that is so precise.

Defender Gold Club Scholarships

Baseball recruiting is unlike any other sport when it comes to financial aid and the effect the MLB and minor leagues have on recruiting. The ability to use the Defender Gold Club to attract student athletes who fit the mission of Dordt University and possess a high level of talent is a difference-maker for Defender Baseball.

Nathan Bacon

Nathan Bacon
Head Baseball Coach/Instructor

RC 127A
(712) 722-6505