Evan Wielenga


Hull, Iowa

The Story

Why do you think Pro-Tech is valuable for the community?

Pro-Tech fills a couple of voids we had locally. The first was with students; they had a need for a Christian education that was something less than a four-year program and geared more toward hands-on learners. The second void was with local employers; employers need workers to engage in hands-on tasks. As technology has infiltrated the workplace, many of those job opportunities require a higher level of education. By partnering with Pro-Tech, businesses will find the workers they need.

Have you experienced benefits from partnering with the program?

Having access to future employees has been beneficial. If you provide a good experience for your intern, the intern goes back to campus and tells their friends, and soon you have tapped into more future employees other than just your intern.

What does a student's internship experience look like? What do they do?

During an internship, a student works alongside our team in whatever capacity the internship is in. They assist in getting the day-to-day tasks accomplished and learn by doing as they complete different jobs. At our company that might be helping mix feed, receiving grain in the fall, or delivering fertilizer in the spring.

How have you seen your intern(s) grow?

There comes a sense of accomplishment for the intern when he or she first learns a task, and then there is an even greater sense of fulfillment when they can master that task. Part of what the internship can provide is the process of seeing, learning, doing, and mastering one task at a time. The Pro-Tech Program provides the opportunity to perform this cycle in a hands-on environment rather than in a classroom.