Luuk Veening


Lynden, Washington

The Story

FAvorite Spot on Campus

Jenni Bullock's office

Favorite Class

My internship

A Concept That Blew My Mind

I took a precision agriculture class second semester of my sophomore year, and I learned a lot about GPS in the agriculture industry. That is something I never knew much about, but it absolutely blew me away. Pretty soon there are going to be tractors out in the fields with no one driving them, all controlled from the touch of a button on your phone. 

Cool Things I Did At Dordt

I have done many cool things here in Iowa, from fishing and hunting to working on different dairies, feedlot, and other jobs. I was on the lacrosse team for two years, and I was on the trap shooting team.

Obstacles I've overcome

Trying to balance school and work all while working at an internship and other jobs. Doing that while trying to have a social life, hang out with friends, and create memories is not an easy task.

Who I Was When i came to dordt

I was not a big fan of school or sitting in a classroom. I really liked to work with my hands and be on a dairy farm, I was not afraid to make friends, and I liked to have fun.

How Dordt Impacted Me

I have learned many things while being in the classroom. The people I have met have impacted my life greatly, too. Most importantly, I am definitely leaving Dordt with a stronger sense of who I am and how I serve the Lord.

What's Next for you

I plan to go home to work on my dairy this summer as well as for commercial fishing in Bristol Bay for my sixth year. After that, I plan to move to the Czech Republic to work on my cousins' 900 cow dairy where they process their own milk and make it into cheese and cream. They also run a vineyard. I see myself in the dairy industry for a long time coming; it’s what I know, and it is truly my favorite passion in life.

What I would tell prospective students

The community was one of the best things about coming to Dordt. The friendships that I’ve made with fellow students and people in the community is something that I will have for the rest of my life, and I am very very thankful for.

How Dordt helped me do more

Now that I have graduated, Dordt has shown me how to take an extra step into being a Christlike figure in the dairy industry. It is not an easy task to do, but I think it is a very important.