Chris Van Dam


Orange City, Iowa

The Story

Scholarships I Received 

  • Iowa Challenges Scholarship
  • Academic Scholarship
  • Football Scholarship

Favorite Spot On Campus

My dorm couch by my Xbox.

Favorite Class

Civil War and Reconstruction with Dr. Paul Fessler

A Concept That Blew My Mind

The discovery of transiting exoplanets in Dr. Allen's astronomy class.

Cool Things I Did At Dordt

Football, LAX, SPICE semester in the Netherlands, worked in almost every building at Dordt (bookstore, print shop, maintenance, professor's aide.)

Obstacles I've Overcome

Working three jobs while attending Dordt to pay for my own education.

Who I Was When I Came To Dordt

Positive about the future, ready to take on as many classes as possible, curious.

How Dordt Impacted Me

Dr. Fessler pointed me to the Bush School of Government at Texas A&M, where I met my wife, got my Master's Degree in International Affairs, and was led to my job in D.C.

Where I Am Now

The Department of Defense.

What I Would Tell Prospective Students

Stay curious, set goals, work hard.

How Dordt Helped Me Do More

Without Dr. Fessler I would not have achieved what I have in my life, nor would I be where I am.