Kate Du Mez

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Denver, Colorado

The Story


Where Are They Now is a podcast series featuring Dordt’s alumni student-athletes. On this episode, Christian Zylstra interviews Dordt alumna Kate Du Mez. Du Mez was a multi-sport athlete at Dordt College and ranks first in career assists for Dordt women’s basketball and second in career goals scored for Dordt women’s soccer. She currently works as a Commissioning Project Manager at Group14 Engineering. Below are some of Du Mez's quotes from the interview.

On why she chose Dordt

“I think I was always aware of it, having gone to a CRC church. Our church had sent students there before, and my older sister was already at Dordt.”

“I think it was my junior year I had had some contact with the soccer coach, who at the time was Elgersma, and the basketball coach, who was Bouma, and they had talked to me about coming to visit. I did that, went to visit, stayed with my sister Connie and that was my first time really visiting Dordt.

At the time it felt very much like home. It felt comfortable. There were people that I knew, whether it was my sister or cousins or sister's friends. There was an instant level of comfort with Dordt after my first visit, which is what sealed the deal for me.”

On attending Defender Days

“[My friends] and I, were kind of talking about it (Defender Days). We’re all here in Colorado, we hang out, and we were talking about it like, ‘if you do it I’ll do it.’ We decided to do it and we were able to play together…it was really fun. I ended up getting to play with girls who were younger or older than me, and got to meet a lot of the current players. I feel a bit more tied-to and invested in the current season and being able to put faces to names. It was fun to get back out on the court.”

“I’d recommend it. We got to see a lot of other alumni in own for the game, a lot of people that I went to school with. I got to see a lot of faces I haven’t seen in a long time.”

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