Morgan Halpert


Midland, Texas

The Story


Where Are They Now is a podcast series featuring Dordt’s alumni student-athletes. On this episode, Christian Zylstra interviews former Dordt linebacker Morgan Halpert. Halpert worked with several minor league baseball clubs after graduation and currently works for EnCore Permian, a small oil company. Below are some of Morgan’s quotes from the interview.

On why he chose Dordt

“John Heavner (a former Dordt football coach) just showed up at my high school. I got called out of science class or something and they said 'hey, there's somebody here who wants to talk to you.' I went down to my high school coach's office, and John Heavner was sitting there. We talked for a little bit and he convinced me to come on a visit—this is like middle of the spring of my senior year. I came on a visit, I stayed with Brandon Huisman, and I knew that's where I wanted to go.

It was totally happenstance. It was only because of the football program that I ever knew about Dordt.”

On what sticks out to him about Dordt

“I would say probably the most impactful thing is seeing everything through a kingdom perspective. Whether it’s working in baseball…or right now, I pretty much work directly with homeowners and landowners and farmers and ranchers. Whoever I'm in contact with, I have the opportunity to serve them really well, on the business side and on the personal side as I get to know people through the sales process.”

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