Jerusha Samuel

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Salt Lake City, Utah

The Story

Scholarships I received

  • Theatre Scholarship
  • Academic Scholarship

Favorite Spot on Campus

My favorite spot on campus was the Campus Center! As an extrovert, I loved how it was always buzzing with social activity.

FAvorite Class

My favorite classes were art classes with Matt Drissell!

A concept That Blew My Mind

A mind-blowing concept I learned as a student at Dordt was that there were multiple critical approaches to literature. I realized there were different ways to approach and understand the text, and began to understand the value of my own perspective as a woman engaging with literature.

Cool Things I Did At Dordt

As a student I took advantage of every opportunity I could. I went on every weekend trip available. I attended the diversity leadership conference in Chicago, I joined PLIA my freshman year, and had an incredible experience with a wonderful group of people. I auditioned every year for NCDC, joined a Zumba club, was in several plays and even designed costumes, hair & makeup. I love new experiencing and I have serious FOMO (fear of missing out), so I tried to participate in absolutely everything I could at Dordt. I won several songwriting contests and one of those songs was made into an award-winning music video by two film students at Dordt. I also had some of my poems published thanks to the encouragement of my poetry professor! But my favorite experience as a student was my senior art show, which had so much support from all of my professors.

Obstacles I've Overcome

I am very proud that I worked my way through college and paid for my own tuition (after the scholarships I earned). I worked 4 jobs, 7 days a week. I often walked to work, even during the winter. None of these jobs paid over $8 an hour, but I kept at it and was able to go to Dordt for all 4 years. Graduation day was a very proud moment for me!

Who I Was When I Came To Dordt

When I first arrived at Dordt I was very naive and extremely insecure. I didn't know quite who I was, yet. I had many tough lessons to learn.

How Dordt Impacted Me

Dordt has absolutely had an impact on the woman I've become. I encountered Christian feminism while at Dordt. I realized how passionate I was about justice for girls and women, and how fierce of a fighter I could be. My few female professors were such heroes to me, and to this day I email them, seeking advice and wisdom.

I also gained a lot of confidence with my singing, writing, painting, and theatre skills because of the support and encouragement from so many of my professors.

Where I Am Now

Before graduation I was extremely nervous about finding a job with my degree. I had no idea that there were actually a lot of options for people with literature degrees. Five months after graduation I landed my first "real" job as a copywriter for a small beauty company.

Three years later, I am now in a senior position writing for the largest lash and hair extension brands in the world, pursuing a higher degree in business--I never would have dreamed I'd be here!

I am halfway finished with my MBA and intent on running my own business(es) someday. I've also been writing plots to several novels, and will hopefully be finishing one of them soon! Also, I plan to grow my sweet little family. I met my husband at Dordt, and we have one daughter now but hope to have more soon.

What I would tell prospective students

I would tell prospective students that no matter how foreign the environment or culture might be to you, I can already guarantee you that you will meet your lifelong friends at Dordt. I had a bit of culture shock moving from a mountainous city to flat, cold farmland, but I wouldn't trade my experience for the world. You truly will be valued, your professors will care deeply about you, and you will form friendships that will last a lifetime.

How dordt helped me do more

Dordt has helped me to Do More in this way: I have a thirst for learning and knowledge that I know was gleaned from my classes those four years. My English professors were all brilliant-minded people who loved to learn, and it was a contagious atmosphere to be in. In core classes I was often challenged with polar viewpoints, politically and otherwise. I found my voice while at Dordt, and grew into the outspoken, confident woman I am today.