Lucas Vander Berg

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Waupun, Wisconsin

The Story

Scholarships I received

  • DC Alumni Scholarship
  • Edward Jones Financial Services Scholarship
  • Dordt College Distinguished Scholar
  • Soccer Scholarship

favorite class

Advanced Federal Income Tax; I loved learning about how certain tax and regulatory systems influence the way people do business.

A Concept that Blew My Mind

It honestly blew my mind when I learned that undergraduate students could do meaningful research. I couldn't believe the level of work and the trust I was given by both Dr. Zonnefeld (when I did Institutional Research for her) and Dr. Tintle (as we worked to get our statistical research published).

cool things I did at Dordt

My 3 years at Dordt absolutely flew!

Personally, I think some of the coolest things that I did involved interacting with other students. Whether it was setting up 4 TVs in the living room of my apartment to watch college football all day with roommates or having a weekly chat at 55th over breakfast pizza with some fellow students after Advanced Finance, there are always people to hang out with at Dordt, even at obscure times of the night.

I spent my first summer at Dordt doing some research which was really cool. One of the projects I did involved creating a predictive model in order to determine students' likelihood of success based on a number of factors. Essentially, I just played with Dordt's data for an entire summer. I ran analyses to see which professors had biases against football players and determined the profitability of different majors. (I signed a non-disclosure agreement back in the day, so don't try to pry the answers out of me.)

My 2nd summer I had an actuarial internship with Northwestern Mutual in Milwaukee, WI. I had the opportunity to assist on a portfolio strategy for assets totaling over $2B and had the opportunity to have lunch with several of their top executives, including the CEO. (They only let the actuarial interns do that.)

where i am now

I have the privilege of working for one of the best health actuarial consulting firms as an actuary. I started at Milliman after graduating from Dordt in 2017 and have loved my experience thus far. Many people believe that being an actuary is all about math. While actuarial work certainly involves analytics, it also is a people business. We get be some of the most respected and trusted business advisors for some of the most influential organizations in the world.

On a given day, I could be helping a company on a strategy for a drug launch or doing policy work in order to figure out how to keep the Medicare Trust Fund afloat. I could be helping a State work to reduce costs while delivering necessary Medicaid healthcare or doing research on possible reforms to the healthcare system. Working in a consulting actuarial firm is seldom boring as companies send you their toughest problems.

My wife Emily and I are excited to have joined a great church family and look to continue to use our talents investing in that community. We are both involved with the Youth Ministry at Brookfield CRC and have enjoyed interacting with high school students who now remind us that we are "old people". We also hope to do some traveling, both domestic and international, over the next couple years. There is also a good chance that I will still be in a fierce battle with my neighbors over who has the better-looking lawn and landscaping. Emily and I are also hoping to get to more Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Bucks games.

Professionally, I am just a few steps away from having my final actuary credential so I hope to make continued progress toward that as well as continue to learn more about the healthcare industry in order to be able to protect the health and financial well-being of people everywhere.

what i would tell prospective students

Talk to Dr. Nathan Tintle about opportunities for research and continue to read through these profiles. Especially if you are thinking Actuarial Science, take a look at the different outcomes from alumni.