Rachel Postma


Brookfield, WI

The Story

scholarships i received

  • Presidential Academic Scholarship
  • Donor-Funded Scholarships

favorite spot on campus

The Grille

favorite class

Anything Professor Tara Boer, instructor of social work, taught.

a concept that blew my mind

A book we read for Professor Boer’s class was called “The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog”. It taught me about trauma and the effects of abuse and neglect on a child’s brain. Later I took a training with the author of that book and it was one of my favorite memories. That book and author still guide my career path to this day.

cool things i did at dordt

I was a part of worship team— both traveling worship team and Praise and Worship team. I also travelled to Uganda for a study abroad program and worked with women in villages with children under 4. I also stayed on Uganda Christian University campus for my time in the country and lived in the dorms with other Ugandan students.

obstacles i've overcome

Moving to Uganda was an obstacle spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Moving to a new place with my husband away from family and friends was difficult. But, it turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life.

who i was when i came to dordt

Ready to socialize and find friends that I could keep for life. I was naive in many ways but open to opportunities and ways that my faith and character could be developed.

how dordt impacted me

The people I met at Dordt impact my everyday and continue to influence who I am and how I think of the world around me. I met my husband at Dordt and he teaches me new things daily. I learned so much about myself especially living with godly women pursuing all sorts of passions and working through who we will be and how we will influence the world around us together.

where i am now

I just completed my Social Work Masters Degree with an emphasis on Child and Family social work. I hope to be a therapist for children with issues related to caregiver attachment (the proper bond between a child and their primary caregiver or parent). I would love to work with the caregivers to develop parenting skills— skills that may have never been taught or may never have been modeled for them.

I am now in job search mode, and I am in the process of setting up and interview with a child protection agency in Rochesger, Ny.

what i would tell prospective students

You have no idea what’s in store. The Lord could be calling you anywhere, but one thing is for sure: His presence and movement are alive and well on Dordt’s campus.

how dordt helped me do more

It equipped me academically, but more than that the people and Dordt helped me develop my character and direction in life.