Carlye Gomes


Sioux Center, IA

The Story

scholarships i received

  • Pre-seminary Scholarship
  • James A. Klaver Memorial Youth Ministry Scholarship

favorite spot on campus

I would have to say the Library!

favorite class

Life and Letters of Paul

cool things i did at dordt

I got to go on an AMOR trip to Cambodia and South Korea, and two PLIA trips - one to Cincinnati, Ohio, and led one as a sophomore to Colorado City, Arizona! I was a youth ministry intern at Covenant Christian Reformed Church for 3 years, and a summer intern for a church plant in Lincoln, Nebraska in the summer of 2014.

obstacles i've overcome

I came to Dordt in January of 2014 after taking a gap semester to do missions with YWAM. Despite that, I was able to graduate in May of 2017, with one semester abroad, and a higher GPA than I had in high school!

how dordt impacted me

I definitely think Dordt impacted me. Dordt exposed me to lots of different points of views, cultures, and perspectives that I didn't necessarily have growing up in northwest Iowa. Those kinds of experiences have to be sought out, but they are possible if you are willing to dive in! Because of that, now teaching at a school where over a dozen different home countries are represented, I am able to show compassion and cultural competence beyond what I was able to before studying at Dordt.

where i am now

After graduation, I was blessed to find a job in Sioux Falls where I served as a youth pastor for a year. Now, we are serving in missions full time!

I am currently serving as a teacher at Bourofaye Christian School in Kiniabour, Senegal. I am a homeroom teacher for 4th and 5th grade, along with being a literature and ESL teacher for 8th grade students. I absolutely adore my students, and love Senegal with all of my heart!

what i would tell prospective students

I would tell students to go all in - all in with their studies, their social lives, and most of all, in their relationship with God. There are so many people at Dordt who are willing to engage your questions, laugh with your joys, and cry with you in your sadness. It may seem daunting to invest fully in everything you do, but it's actually easier than you think! I can promise you that, even if you try to resist, you will not be able to leave Dordt as the same person that you were when you came in. Go all in, and be amazed at what outcomes you achieve.

how dordt helped me do more

Dordt helped me to Do More by showing me that I am capable of doing more. I had amazing professors who would listen to my fears and acknowledge my concerns, while always pushing me to do better. Because my professors knew me very personally, when they would assign projects, they would frequently tailor the subject I was to study to my individual passions, questions, and curiosities. They also wouldn't hand out easy-A's, so I knew that when I accomplished a good grade, I had earned it.