Jacob Van Dyken

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Prinsburg, MN

The Story

scholarships i received

  • Presidential Scholarship
  • Theatre Arts Scholarship
  • Alons Theatre Scholarship
  • Alumni Scholarship

favorite spot on campus

Theatre Pod!

favorite class

Stagecraft...or BUAD 100

a concept that blew my mind

A concept that blew my mind was the fact that the professors and staff are there for you any time you need it. Not only will they help you with class related things, but they become more than just teachers. If you're having a problem working out your schedule, you're stressed over upcoming exams, or you want advice on what TV show or book to read, the professors are there. You always hear about how tough college is going to be when you're in high school, but they don't always mention how positive it can be as well.

cool things i did at dordt

I did a number of different things while at Dordt. I spent a lot of time involved in theatre, and did all sorts of things with them. I acted in a few plays, helped with tech with all the plays, and even directed a short play for a class I took. I also went to a national theatre conference a few years, which was fun! Outside of theatre, I spent time in the business club working at the coffee shop, and went on a few trips with the business club to Chicago and Pella. I went on a PLIA trip to Colorado one spring. I did a little bit of intramural sports as well.

Obstacles I've overcome

Writing college papers! I went into college not being the best at writing papers, since I had no experience at all. I came out having a solid ability at putting together a well written paper.

who i was when i came to dordt

Basically an average freshman. I transferred in after first semester, so I had a some nerves as to getting comfortable around people, since a lot of people had developed their friend groups already. I found out pretty easily that it wasn't hard to start making friends though.

how dordt impacted me

Dordt 100% impacted me. Not only did I learn a good amount of "book smarts" from my time at Dordt, I gained countless relationships and personal experience as well. Things like learning how to manage a schedule, do research, initiate a conversation and talk to people, be patient, and so many other skills as well. I would not be where I am today without my time at Dordt. Also, I came out of Dordt with a wife, and that has had an impact on who I am today as well! :)

where i am now

I am currently living in Sioux Falls, SD, working!

My work experience does not line up with my major in the most classic way. I double majored in Theatre Arts: Technical Theatre and Business Administration. I currently work as a police officer for the City of Sioux Falls. A lot of people get confused as to how I ended up where I am, with what I majored in. But what I learned from my major, has helped me out a lot every day in my work. In theatre you learn how to talk to people, be put on the spot and be ok with it, as well as being able to adapt to situations quickly without freaking out, which is a lot of what I do every day. I also work on a computer every day, and the computer skills and writing skills I learned in my business classes help me out a lot that way. These are just a few of the ways both of my majors help in my current work experience.

what i would tell prospective students

Don't hesitate to do things. You'll regret not going on that trip, or playing on that team. College flies by, do not waste the entire time sleeping.

how dordt helped me do more

My experience at Dordt prepared me for a job in which I am constantly interacting with people. I am able to attempt to be a positive influence to those people, sometimes when they're going through not so good experiences themselves.