Hope Kramer


Sioux Center, IA

The Story


  • Presidential Scholarship
  • Distinguished Scholar Award
  • Women's Volleyball Scholarship
  • Philp and E. Joyce Versluis Art Scholarship


The Rec Center - I loved working out and all the activity that happened there.

favorite class

Ceramics - It really challenged me as an artist and it was amazing to see how it was possible to form something beautiful.

a concept that blew my mind

I took a lot of art history courses and it's hard to pinpoint it to one concept, but I learned so much about how art and our culture are intertwined. Art influences culture and vice versa. There is so much we can learn about the lives of people who went before us by studying the art they made. It showed their faith, their values, and so much more.

cool things i did at dordt

I had an internship at A&I Products in Rock Valley one summer as a photographer and an internship in the Advancement Office at Dordt the following summer. I put together the Signet as a Senior, and I was able to work on some cool collaborative art projects with my Senior Seminar class like a T-Shirt coloring event. I played on the volleyball team for 3 years and just really enjoyed diving into the Dordt community.

obstacles i've overcome

I've loved art ever since I was a little girl, but in my first year at Dordt, I fought God calling me to pursue art. I thought that it wasn't practical enough, and I worried about what kind of job I would find. Thankfully, God kept placing art on my heart and I joined the Art and Design program as a sophomore. It was a leap of faith that I am so glad I took, and I've never looked back. God has provided for me in this path more than I ever could have imagined.

who i was when i came to dordt

I was so excited to start Dordt! I grew up in Sioux Center around Dordt, and I had dreamed of being a Dordt Defender for years. I started off in the volleyball program and that was an awesome way for me to get connected right away. Being eager definitely helped make my transition to college easier.

how dordt impacted me

Dordt has 100% had an impact on who I've become. I've learned how to think critically, dig deep into my faith and what I believe, and how to carry that forward into life after college. I was pushed and challenged to develop myself and strengthen my faith. This is something I couldn't be more grateful for.

where i am now

I actually was an intern at Staples Promotional Products immediately after graduating. It went so well that they created a permanent position for me after just three months. This experience along with my previous design internships set me up well to get a job in my field. I found a job in my field where I discovered creative opportunities that I didn't even know were possible.

I'm currently an Art Director at Staples Promotional Products in Orange City and I have no plans to change that right now. I've become well adjusted to my position which involves coding websites, developing marketing materials for our clients, and communicating efficiently every day. I love where I'm at and will stay there as long as God calls me to be there.

what i would tell prospective students

Dordt is a place where you can discover who you are and who God wants you to be in this world. It will challenge you in wonderful ways, and you will develop skills, friendships, and memories that last a lifetime.

how dordt helped me do more

Coming out of high school, I knew what I believed and who I wanted to be, but Dordt helped me grow this and solidify that mindset of being a servant in God's Kingdom. I have developed such a strong base of faith that I feel confident being a Christian wherever God places me. I am excited to see how God uses me to impact the lives of everyone I meet.