Mitch Bolkema


Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The Story

scholarships i received

  • Northwest Bank Business Scholarship
  • Smith Business Information system Scholarship
  • John & Frnaces Bonnema Memorial Scholarship for Business

favorite spot on campus

Dewitt Gym

favorite class

Business Senior Seminar

a concept that blew my mind

It blew my mind how many different areas of business you can go into with an accounting background. It is a cliche, but they taught us early at Dordt that accounting is the language of business and if you know it you really can go anywhere. I was amazed as I learned more about the profession that I could work anywhere from a major sports franchise to the FBI because of my major.

cool things i did at dordt

At Dordt I really enjoyed my time in the business club; I thought it was fun to work at the coffee shop and experience that type of atmosphere. It was also great to get to tour some major corporations while on a business club trip. I also loved playing on intramural teams because I missed playing sports, but it was also a more relaxed atmosphere where we could just have fun with our friends.

obstacles i've overcome

Accounting is hard, there is no way around it. There were definitely a couple classes where I struggled and had to really put in the time to keep up, but those were also the classes where I learned the material the best as well. Because I forced myself to learn the basics, I was able to still do well in the classes that I thought I would never get through.

who i was when i came to dordt

When I first arrived at Dordt, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my career. But after my first year I decided to completely change my path and settled with accounting. During that time I felt pressure to have everything perfectly planned out and thought I was failing if I didn't know exactly what I wanted for my future. It turned out quite alright that I took the time to really think about what my passions and talents were and I am very happy where I turned out.

how dordt impacted me

Dordt has had a major impact on who I am today. Spending four years there really challenged me to be intentional on who I want to be. No one made me get my homework done on time, made sure I went to church, or forced me to eat something besides junk food. I learned fast that those are decisions I had to make for myself and it takes a lot of discipline to keep making the right choices when others around you may not be. But that is a great example of what it is like in the real world. Dordt especially shaped my faith journey and showed me how to make it a part of each part of my life.

where i am now

After graduation my wife and I moved to Sioux Falls and now are both working here in town. We hope to get involved in a church here and to enjoy being close to family. I got a job with a public accounting firm that I interned with for two years while I was at Dordt. My title there is a Staff Accountant and I work mostly in the Audit area on everything from audits, reviews, compilations to business and not-for-profit tax returns. I also just passed all four parts of the CPA exam.

what i would tell prospective students

I would encourage prospective students to get involved in as many things you can early while at Dordt. I regretted not trying different types of classes or clubs because I was afraid I may not like it or fit in. This is a great time to figure out how you enjoy spending your time and to meet lots of new people while doing it. There is no harm in trying something and having it not work out.

how dordt helped me do more

I see doing more as living life with a specific purpose. I left Dordt with an accounting major but I would be wasting my time if that is what my life is about. My professors at Dordt taught me that everything I do needs to be done for the glory of God and that is what will bring me the most joy and satisfaction. So I hope to continue to do more by serving Christ and serving others both in my work as an accountant and throughout my every day life.