Anderson Clare


Phoenix, Arizona

The Story

Student at Phoenix Seminary
Phoenix, Arizona

Clare is currently a full-time student at Phoenix Seminary and is working for a Masters in Divinity in Biblical and Theological Studies. “In addition to my studies, I work at the seminary as a Student Adviser and as a Teaching Assistant for courses in Hebrew, Old Testament, and Hermeneutics.”

“Dordt College's Engineering Department equips students in the technical, but also in the philosophical and historical, leaving no square inch of our field unclaimed by the Creator. If you sense the importance of loving the Lord your God with all your mind as well as your heart, then Dordt College's Engineering program is worth your consideration. The mental rigor, spiritual discipline, worldview relevance, and communal support is unparalleled. You will grow as a person, an engineer, and a faithful disciple of Christ.”

“As an alumni of Dordt College's Engineering Department, and as a current seminary student, I feel confident that no other program in any other discipline, in any other department, of any other college or university will equip you to engage both the sciences and the humanities at this serious level of faithful discipleship as at Dordt College. If you sense God calling you to study engineering at Dordt College, I can only urge you to apply yourself and make this investment. May God bless your studies, and may you love him with all of your mind, as with your heart.”