Sarah Zwier


St. Paul, Minnesota

The Story

Sarah Zwier (’06) spent one of her last semesters as a Dordt student interning for the Field Museum in Chicago, and she continued working there for several years after graduation. “That’s where I really cut my teeth in exhibit design,” she says. “I learned to take concepts from my design courses at Dordt and apply them to three-dimensional environments.”

Now she works as a graphic artist at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Recently, Zwier helped design and install an exhibit about sports science. Today, the space is filled with kids and parents, practicing their baseball swing in front of a slow-motion camera or racing down a track alongside virtual competitors.

When Zwier first chose to study art at Dordt, she wondered if she “was the right type of creative person.”

“At Dordt, there were wonderful painters, illustrators, and sculptors. But as a designer, I wasn’t quite sure how I fit in. I soon learned that my medium was the computer, which required precision and the ability to manipulate type, colors, and images to create engaging visuals,” she says. “Graphic design was a great fit for my artistic gifts.”